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About The Whiskey Wasps

Hello! Thank you so much for visiting our Patreon page!
If you are unfamiliar, we suggest you watch this short video:
Why pay?
Over the past five years, playing shows has been the most lucrative source of income for us. We got to the point where we were performing live 5-6 nights per week. This was an extremely valuable learning experience for us, but we've decided it's not the route we want to take with our music careers. In the end we play music because it makes us happy, regardless of how many people see it.

Where your $ goes:
We are passionate about what we do, and want to be able to afford to release consistent, high quality content for you guys. The money we make from Patreon goes DIRECTLY towards new equipment, studio time, pressing albums, and everything else that will just help us put out songs and videos that are even better quality. 
$5 of $100 per Music Video
We've written, self recorded, and produced two albums now, but we are long overdue for a legitimate studio release. We've already begun writing and recording our new material, but once we hit $100 per video, we will be able to financially support the process of completing our first studio album.

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