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And preferably it should be electronic as well. I mean, I GUESS you could send me some punk/noise-rock record if you really want but I'm not gonna have much of anything useful to say in that case. 




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About The Wonky Angle (256 Pi)

Name's Tommy. I do electronic music album reviews, both new albums and old ones. Not trying to be too professional, just a random dorky looking guy casually expressing his biased personal opinions on albums you may or may not have heard of before, more often the latter. Warning: may contain small amounts of corniness and large amounts of mispronunciations. (I also make music on the side under the name 256 Pi, and also YTPs sometimes but this Patreon account doesn't really concern those.)

So, um... I've been making YouTube videos 100% for free for 7+ years. Now that I'm out of college I think it's about time I did this. I've never once attempted to join the YouTube partner program since I don't like running ads on my videos, and I hear complaining from all sides about all the adpocalypse stuff and all that, so I decided to just skip right to here, I like the idea of my fans pitching in to help directly more than getting money from adrev in general. Of course I'm not expecting to make a living just off of my review videos, I'm nowhere near a big enough channel to pull that off, but I feel like it can't hurt to have this as something to interact more with my viewers and give them a little more say in what I do here (even though I'm still primarily treating this more as a spare-time hobby than a job). So hopefully you all can help me out, I would appreciate it a ton. Thanks for the support from everyone, every little bit helps a lot!

Just as a warning, requests can take a long time for me to fulfill. They tend to stack up pretty quickly and I favor the ones who've requested earlier over the most recent ones, and on top of sometimes being busy with other stuff... look, point is, it might take a few months to get to you. But, again, you only have to pay once, and I absolutely promise to fulfill whatever request you have. 

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
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