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About The Wooded Beardsman

Thank you for your support, I can't continue to make these videos without your help!

My videos are about the outdoors. Not just about survival, fishing, hunting, trapping, or even bushcraft, but about the whole process of procuring resources, fish and game, wild edibles, and other materials necessary for sustenance - wilderness living. I do not practice ‘catch and release’ or even ‘sport fishing.’

I do not “harvest.” Rather, I catch and keep, and consume what I catch, and kill what I keep. However, I do not catch and keep more than I plan to consume.

I would much prefer utilizing nature on my own accord than to visit a supermarket and have that be sourced out to others (farmer and butchers). This gives me a much deeper respect for the flesh of animals, ‘meat’, than can be had through its nearest cousin, the sterilized plastic wrap and foam packaged variety sold in supermarket.

Come with me to explore, procure, and scavenge in way that feels natural, normal, pragmatic, and practical.


Chris aka The Wooded Beardsman