is creating Cinema News, Movie Reviews and MAD LIBS GAME based on MOVIES
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About Alex


My name is Alex. I'm 27 years old Film and TV Director from Ukraine - so You won't get Bored. GUARANTEED!

I LOVE making short movies (Generating Ideas, Writing Scripts, Casting, Shooting, Acting, Directing, Editing). I`ve been making Videos since 2005.

Independent Moviemaking has been my PASSION since the Dawn of Times and will be for the Rest of My Life!

To be completely honest, I've recently even quit my previous job to make videos FULL TIME now - that's how I BELIEVE in this Project. There are no going back - only Forward!

Besides, now I upload my videos to Alternative Video-Platforms instead of YouTube - so I won't have any help from YouTube algorithms: on DailyMotion it's totally different - I'm on my own there.

So you are more than welcome to support me on Patreon - every pledge is SO MUCH APPRECIATED! Of course, only if You like my videos.

Now I want to try Creating something completely NEW for me: Cinema News, Movie Reviews and especially - MAD LIBS Movie Review GAME !!!

You Can find my Work on BitTube:

So let's hop on the Unicorn and make the World a bit Funnier Place TOGETHER!

$0 of $50 per month
When I reach this goal, I will be doing 2 Episodes per Month, where I will play MAD LIBS Movie Review GAME with one of my Friends - it should be Totally AWESOME!

Just Imagine:
  • Tons of Uncontrollable Laughs (I'm pretty sure we will be constantly triggering each other to smile or laugh)
  • There will be Stakes (looser will have to do something Not Pleasant: tell an embarassing Real story from his life etc)
  • There will be only ONE Winner (we will meticulously count Each an Every Laugh, that left our throats)

Honestly, I have really high hopes for this Guest Experiment!
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