The Backwoods Bandits DayZ Server

is creating A Safe Place to Play DayZ
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For 2 dollars a mounth your membership will include a sign in the town hall and a house in one the three factios. your choice will include Vikings Romans and the Egyptians
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Seaside Villa
per month
For 5 dollars extra we will build u a house in dragons reach cove. it will be your personal seaside villa. however the residence in the faction will be destroyed in the process




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About The Backwoods Bandits DayZ Server

Hi, My name is Jake. I'm working on a server that is safe and friendly for all people to join and have a great time Rping or just Playing with thier friends. We also are starting up a world wide gameing network cross platform commuinty of all ages. we hope you will chose to join us on this adveture!! Hope to see you out there!! 
$0 of $60 per month
We would like to earn this a total of 60.00 dollars. To keep the BlackWater Plains RP Server up and going strong!!!!
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