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Read my monthly blogs during my research phase – both pre and post scriptwriting!  Give feedback and make suggestions in the response area.

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Watch me walk through the creative process via GoPro live feed at Periscope!  Talk about being the fly on the wall.  You will meditate with me on the beach, watch me pace back and for while giving birth to the very essence of the movie script!

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Think of this as a live Video Fireside Chat where you get to receive direct answers to your questions.  These chats will happen 2-4 a month, depending on how much fun we have. Who knows, with these group chats, we might be chatting until the cow come home!




Imagine if you could sit with...

J.J. Abrams, Nora Ephron, Derek Kolstad, Diablo Cody, Orson Welles and Aline Brosh McKenna and watch them dream up their movies: Super8, Sleepless in Seattle, John Wick, Juno, Citizen Kane and The Devil Wears Prada!  

I plan on doing just that - giving you a bird's eye view into my creative process, direct interaction, and tracking down research.

What genre is the Movie Script? Sci-Fi/Art Historical Mystery

One part: “What the Bleep Do We Know”
One part: Art Mystery/Riddle solving
One part: Sixth sense/Ghost/Mirror Universe; One part: Superhero Myth-building One part: Mankind saves mankind

What is the Movie About? 

In a nutshell?  It will cover the art of Dutch Master Pieter de Hooch - a contemporary of Vermeer - tough issues in modern Mexico, as well as how to healing an individual’s Past, Present and Future by integrating reincarnated Souls.

To my knowledge, a movie of this scope has never been done and should be a lot of fun.


Adelaide, a modern Belgian author and former NATO officer suffering from thyroid symptoms and post-war trauma, goes to Mexico to rest her mind from cyberspace by writing a new novel. She creates four characters (2 women and 2 men): Fathima a mute librarian, from 10th century Brabant who feeds the throw-away children of Tijuana; the other is a 22nd century superhero, Esmeralda, who teaches them science and how to interact with the marine animals; Pieter de Hooch the 15th century Dutch Master formerly driven insane and Maximilian I driven crazy by grief from his wife's death (Mary of Burgundy another Belgian from 13th century Brabant).

As her novel develops, Adelaide begins to see her characters appear in everyday life. While she can easily see them, the female characters are only seen by Mexican women and the male characters are only seen by Mexican men. Confused Adelaide wanders Tijuana. Soon an Aztec Archaeologist is drawn to her – trying to figure out if she is as crazy as he feels. Yet, he is the only one that sees all four novel characters she's created in flesh and blood as if they are real. He notes that the children they interact with, also see all four characters as if they are real people – as if, time is intersecting when the children are around.

Further investigation reveals that two of the teenagers are genetically related to all of the four characters, the author and the archeologist – intriguingly the teenagers are the hidden answer. As everything becomes more confusing, Esmeralda introduces everyone to mediation, the ocean, and several dolphins and sea lions, meditative spinning in the ocean and the miraculous healings begin...

In a final scene, it is revealed that all four women are the same woman and all four men are the same man...and they merge into one heavenly being.

Core Themes:
Adult relationships to Orphans; Man's relationship to Religion; The Lord provides the fishes, but we have to dig for the bait; Removing the sins of the father for the benefit of the grandchildren; what works vs what one believes; and Man's relationship to Nature

Essentially, the movie pulls apart what's wrong with four parallel universes, fixes the common thread (8 people – 4 females and 4 males), thus fixing the future before we get there. Think “Interstellar & “Inception” & “The Day After Tomorrow” all wrapped up in a Dutch Master riddle hundreds of centuries old.

How Will the Movie Evolve?

First and foremost, you will join the process either vicariously or directly.  You will become a Patron Saint of the Arts in the truest sense of the phrase!  Each level of Patron Sainthood (see below) will come with benefits and unique creative processes - some will make you laugh and others will make you blink (Say What???), and others will leave you curious until you see the method in the madness. "Madness," you say?  "YES," say I!  I call it "Ink-Drinking" after the smash hit book series "The Ink Drinker" by Eric Sanvoisin - where a vampire chooses to drink the ink from books. When I start writing this delicious madness takes over and it becomes all-consuming until I lay spent on the floor with a completed work of art in 100 days or less.  

A 100 days or less you say?

Yes, a 100 days or less.  While the project will last 6-8 months, the actual writing time will be approximately 100 days or less.  Research and finding funding grants will happen on either side of the writing period.  

Did You Know…

The typical movie script takes 3 to 4 years to create.

I wrote my very first movie script in 30 days while learning both the Final Draft software and how to format movie scripts from just from reading books at Barns & Nobles and watching movies in order to see what they meant. On top of that, I completed my rewrites 15 days later for a combined total of only 45 days!  It took 23 and 26 hour days with 3-30 minute naps here there and everywhere.  The only time I got to sleep 8 hours a day, was in the rewriting phase.

It was a little gem of a script designed and developed for two very special directors and set aside for their personal endeavors…never to be seen by the light of day until they have both the time and passion.

This script will be different in that it will be my first debut as a visual artist!

After that, I will be globetrotting to different Art Foundations and asking for grants to fund the movie. It should be a blast and you will get to go around the world with me - via GoPro!

How Will I Do It?

  • Blog and create newsletters
  • Recite original poetry
  • Read New Age and Religious works out loud.
  • Tell you stories about Pieter and his fellow guild members (count how many times call him Pietrovich and get brownie points for later rewards)
  • Hang the art of Several Dutch Masters clotheslines so that they can spin in the wind.
  • Create art collages of modern fashion to give you a view of the ideas in my head
  • Design costumes, hairstyles and more
  • Develop nutritional menus with various nutritionist and chefs - Remember, we are what we eat!

And Much, Much More

All in an effort to Spin a Masterful Tale of Healing the Human Condition!

What are the Levels of Patron Sainthood?

Become the Patron Saint of Dialogue....
Read my monthly blogs during my research phase – both pre and post scriptwriting! Give feedback and make suggestions in the response area.

Become the Patron Saint of Choreography
Watch me walk through the creative process via a live video feed

Become the Patron Saint of Production
Group video chats to directly collaborate with me!

Become the Patron Saint of Special Effects

Have you ever looked at the art of the Dutch Masters and felt two completely different things were happening at the same time?

1) That they were telling a very important story
2) But the story was out of sequence?

Yeah, exactly – Me too!

In fact, it has been suggested that the Dutch Masters’ works of art were the first to capture a CSI – a crime scene investigation. Several of the Masters captured scenes of the local armory on fire from explosions. Furthermore, they show injured soldiers with friends, while others were in hiding. In fact, Radioscopy – a process of looking under the layers of paint – via an X-ray machine – reveals that Pieter’s work took it one step further and shows the cover-up of a dead body in a stable.

This movie script will touch on that situation and imagine what caused it and how to heal from it.

How Can You Help?

Part of this project will be to place all of Pieter De Hooch’s work in timeline order by when he produced it and shake out the truth. By looking at the art spin and flap in the wind, it will stimulate different parts of your mind. You, as the audience, will then work on the questions in your sleep. If you know the work of other Dutch Masters and you want me to insert their work or move the art into new sequences, then you will be encouraged to ask me to do so.

Become the Patron Saint of Directing

I will take a beautiful GoPro with me and you will literally have a bird's eye view of everything I see (via my shoulder). While most of my direct conversations will not be recorded (as a courtesy to those in charged) you will be able to see everything else! And wherever I can, I will try to get one-on-one interviews with curators and top brass. Who knows what will happen, the last event had an outpouring of love and was well received. We might get lucky and achieve several such interviews. My ultimate goal is to recreate that passion and give the world a living legacy. Hopefully, the original contributors will see that and will want to support this endeavor as much as you do.


When I get to that point, you will receive a password-encrypted link to a private Vimeo site where you can watch them over and over to your heart's content.

How will you be able to help the movie reach Blockbuster status?

Right before the movie's release date, I will release them to you specifically. At that point, you will be able to download these mini GoPro clips and share them with Meetup.com movie clubs in your area, as well as Facebook and other social media. We will share our passion for the arts with the world and it will ROCK!

Become the Patron Saint of Editing

The roundtable experience will be unlike anything you’ve ever gone through. It will be beyond collaboration. It will be a heightened experience of synergy where we explore if everything was:

1) Touched on and fully developed
2) Explained in a simple and satisfactory way
3) Brought to the audience in a fun and enjoyable silver screen way

Most artists seek to project their vision into the world. They seek to shatter your belief systems and drive a wedge between your reality and the reality of their perception. Michelangelo shocked the Vatican when he painted nudes in the Sistine Chapel. Davinci shocked people with the Last Supper love triangle. The Matrix, Inception and Jupiter Rising asked us to question even what our own mind tells us.

I want something different. I want Resonance – the awakening and harmonizing of the human spirit. Rather than shock people, I want to open their perception door and see if the view on the other side makes sense to them. If not, then they will enjoy a happy, feel-good story about 8 people, setting social wrongs right and healing the interaction between the ocean and us. However, if they are ready, the movie will provide the Aha! They’ve been looking for. My Work of Art will be a loving gift that acts more like the movie “What the Bleep Do We Know” and “The Hidden Meaning of Water.”

By joining the roundtable discussion, after seeing the entire evolution of this project, you will have a direct influence on whether the Resonance goal was met and what else might be needed.

Why All This Artistic Collaboration?

Well, I’ve seen it work before and loved the concept. There is a famous Librarian that wrote her book in 6 days! She spent 6 months on a website interacting with other passionate people sharing her creativity and receiving feedback. By the time she got to the writing part, the book literally wrote itself.

I’m not seeking your collaboration in order to trim down the scriptwriting time. I’m already blindingly fast. I’m actually seeking something called “RESONANCE.” I’m taking concepts and belief systems that, until now, have been held so apart in different dogmas that we as a species could not grow. With just this one creative endeavor, I am trying to change people’s perception so profoundly, that they can heal themselves and propel our species forward into new paradigms!

Become the Patron Saint of Fund-Raising

Finally, when the movie gets made, join me on the Red Carpet for a walk you will never forget!

On top of that, I will also give a wonderful 3-day tour of the local area.

Now, you may wonder, what kind of "tour" is she talking about and what location? Well, you are in luck, I've personally given tours at the world famous Coventry Cathedral in England, as well as all over California - so I am talking about professional quality tours. You would share your personal interests with me, and I would tailor a 3-day tour to them (accommodations and air flight not included). Would you love to see the Le Brea Tar Pits and other museums? Art Galleries? World famous bookstores with plastic chairs? Would you love to go hiking in the local National Parks? And that is just if we met in L.A. As for the location, often there are Premiere's all over the world, it would literally depend on the movie's releases.

You think I'm creative at movie scriptwriting? Trust me, I am a wiz at these kinds of tours and have been giving them since I was 16. While I can't change water into wine, or connect you with meeting a celebrity, I can, like a regular, everyday "I Dream of Jeannie," give you a local tour fantastic enough to remember for a lifetime! All you have to do is pledge a donation and make a wish!

Learn More before you decide. The link is an excellent example of what going to a movie premiere costs - including the after party. http://www.thevipconcierge.com/moviepremiereticket...

(Please note two (2) things: 1) the link is only an example. There are many different companies that provide this kind of service. I am the scriptwriter and do not work for any of these companies, nor endorse them. I am simply trying to show that the money is worth the experience! and 2) all requests must be legal. Lololol Now we know that goes without saying, but I still have to say it. So dream with a reasonable, fun-loving heart, and let’s get this party started!

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Visit with a gallery's leading docent on Dutch Masters and learn all kinds of tidbits of information!
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