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Hello world! My name is Joshua Alicea, a manga artist currently working on the webcomic series -
"Deorum: Knights of Nibiru"

Since I was a lad, it has been my dream to create a story that will be enjoyed by legions of fans across the world. But more importantly, I just want to create something that matters to you. If you're an appreciator of anime, manga, or just great storytelling, then perhaps Deorum is right for you. 

So Why Support Me?

I'm quite literally just some guy on the internet with a dream to fulfill. Right now I am just getting started in what will be a long journey - one I hope you will join me in. I have ambitions to make this manga as big as you want it to be. With your support, I can eventually switch to full-time production and bring to you more high quality content at a faster rate. In time, we can co-create an anime adaptation. I believe as a content creator, it is my responsibility to provide value for you. 

So my goal is to keep the manga FREE in perpetuity!!!
Deorum: Knights of Nibiru - Chapter 1
Deorum: Knights of Nibiru - Chapter 2

My commitment is to you. But together, we can achieve so much more. You re the real hero of this story. So here's to you, dear reader. Thank you! And may our partnership lead us towards a grand & bold future

- Joshua Alicea (The Owl Shogun)

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In the interest of simplicity, I decided to get rid of the tier system. You can donate whatever you want, proportionate to the value you feel I provide for you. The minimum is $2 or more. Whatever you pledge, I am extremely humbled and grateful. 

For you patronage, you will receive:

  • WIPs
  • Concept Art & Sketches 
  • Storyboards
  • Legacy Art (2006 - 2018)
  • Readership polls to decide the future of the series
  • Your name bestowed on the chapter credits

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Full-Time Manga
When enough patron support reaches this milestone, I can finally switch from a part-time manga artist to full-time production. Page releases are doubled now. Instead of 1 page per day, there will be 2. Instead of 1 chapter every two months, it will be every month - perhaps more. The money will also be invested towards the manga to eventually create a studio, which would allow me to make even MORE content at an even FASTER rate. 
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