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About Simone Vitale

Hello and welcome to my Patreon page!

My name is Simone Vitale and I am a Musician, Composer, Sound Healing Teacher and Practitioner originally from Rome, Italy.
I started playing music when I was 12 years old, but it was at the beginning of my 30's that I chose a mindful approach to music (and art in general).

Mindful music production is my contribution to the current paradigm shift happening on the planet.
Music is an incredibly powerful vehicle of transformation and it has been at our side since time immemorial.
A conscious use of music can be a most precious help to our path of shifting consciousness.

One of my main projects is currently the Music of the Plants. It is a project of inter-species communication that is touching so many people around the world.
I believe the Music of the Plants is going to become more and more widespread over the coming years and I am proud and excited to part of it.
It can also help people reconnect with the natural environment.
In fact, my approach to this work includes a broader understanding of the role of sound in natural life and the impact it has on the environment and all living things.

I firmly believe that, at this critical time in history, no activity should be approached without considering the Earth and its needs.

Your support will allow me to dedicate time to the pursuit of these beautiful and important projects and to the research that contributes to make my work competent and wisely directed.

You can find information about my work with music HERE
You can find information about my work with sound healing HERE
You can listen to my music HERE
You can also read what people say about my work HERE

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With 1000 $ a month I will be able to implement my home studio. I will be able to dedicate a significant amount of time to the creation of transformational music as well as Sound Healing educational resources.
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