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Keep up the work; Financial Independence is a good topic, and I appreciate the content.




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Hey, massive thank you being a part of the The Strategist community, subscribing on YouTube, and for even being on this page!

How does Patreon helps the effort?

The effort is primarily supported by donations currently and Patreon is the best way for you to keep it going, keep the content flowing, and improve the quality of content released. At some point enough support will enable me to work full time on the content rather than the few hours per week I can right now.

How are the goals and tiers calculated?

Because of the way Patreon goals & tiers work, I designed a structure that enables you to support both operational cash outflows and capital expenditure cash outflows. To support the operational expenses you pick one of OPEX tiers, while to contribute towards a CAPEX investment you pick CAPEX tier; the CAPEX tier gets billed straight up, so you then can cancel the CAPEX tier and subscribe to the OPEX tier.

To track operational cash inflows, I designed the goals so, that each higher goal includes costs associated with benefits of the prior goals. So my Audible goal also includes the costs associated with my Spotify goal. I don't include fees in the goals, so if Spotify Premium is $9.99 I enter that amount into the goal earnings target field.

Thank you

Thank you for taking a look at my page, subscribing to, and supporting The Strategist channel any way you do. I appreciate any and all support, that helps me keep doing what I do.

Financial disclaimer

All donations made to this Patreon are not for financial advice, always do your own due diligence, and are simply to support the creation of content for this community.
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Get that Spotify Premium paid for! Of course I pay for my Spotify Premium; but hey, I listen to a lot of music when I think about a content I should create for you, so let's this be the first goal on my list.
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