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I used to weigh 460 pounds and felt hopeless, like I had no more dreams. I weigh half of that now. I could no longer walk and was bedridden in a room with a tv for longer than I can remember. Diet after diet left me bigger and bigger with less hope as I failed each time and regained even more than I lost. My disabilities of having degenerative disease, herniated disks, pinched nerve bundles, slipped disks, knees needing replaced, and fibromyalgia made me miserable and made it very daunting to exercise or even move.

My doctors recommended weight loss surgery, but in the classes I discovered the post operative patients were still hungry. They wanted to eat when they were emotional, celebrating, and when things tasted or smelled good. They were just like me. So why would I have my stomach cut open to be where I already was? It was stomach surgery not brain surgery. I needed to fix my head. But how?

It literally took me 7 years to take off 230 pounds. If I had had someone to teach me the things I know now, I would have arrived at my goal much quicker. I learned that diets are temporary and therefore yield temporary results. So, I started creating a new program for myself, step by step.

Are you ready to experience something different?  Some new thoughts?  A mindset makeover? You have to think in a new way in order to behave in a new way, so let’s get started!

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