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About The XXI

Hi and welcome! If you're here you probably already know me, but if you don't, know that I'm just a boy. If you want more helpful descriptions of myself like this one, @ at me I'm always here for you!

Alright so you surely already know how cavalier it is to only rely on Adsense nowadays (even more so when you're not even monetized yet lol), and I 
figure if you came here it's either cause you're curious about numbers, to check what this Patreon offers, or to make a pledge regardless. Hard for me to imagine people wanting to support my ass, but hey, not giving the option would be shooting myself in the foot. 

That really is about it, a good saying in my country is "do not wiggle your butt if you want to shit straight" which roughly translates to "let's get to the point". Anyway, I hope my content is entertaining for you and you can get a laugh out of it. 

Thanks for your time and have a nice everything!

PS: Each tier carries over the previous rewards. If you want to pledge less or more than the available tiers you're free to do so. 
Here's the Discord link.
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My grandma will have confirmation the whole thing is legit and will surely cook someone some cookies. Do you want cookies? Like, for real.
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