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Basic access to information that may not be as readily available to hobbyists such as wiring diagrams and shop procedures.
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Come join the discord channel for weekly chats and discussions to help you solve your issues or talk about new builds and ideas!  This tier is limited so that it is easier for those contributing to access and receive the information they desire quickly!
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If you are in the middle of a project and are stuck or need assistance before starting a new build this is the tier for you!  I get many many many questions asked daily but don't always have time to answer them all in detail.  This level ensures that I will spend extra time delivering you the support and resources you may need to move forward on that new build!  There is only a limited number of spots at this level as I do not want to spread myself to thin and provide a mediocre service to those who are in need.
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Welcome to The Audi Garage's Patreon page!  If you've come to this page I want to thank you for even considering to help us make more videos and content for you and others like you to enjoy.  We are looking to greatly expand our content and abilities and we need your help to accelerate that process!  But don't worry, you won't get nothing in return.  Look forward to easy to access information and resources as well as special content and web store deals if you become a Patreon.  We hope to talk to you soon!
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This goal will allow us to move to a much bigger shop shared with some very other unique and interesting friends which will allow this channels content to expand greatly.  By meeting this goal the burden of added overhead will be non-existent and allow me to continue working on the type of projects and builds that you viewers like the best!
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