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Badger Army Starter Member !!
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All my patreons will get shouted out and talked about during each episode personally thanking them for the donation 
The Badger Patreon Army Ultimate Starter survival Guide !!
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i will be talking about patreons individual channels promoting them to the audience and spreading their channel to other viewers which in turn will gain you subscribers and a bigger audience and will in turn build up everyones channels!!

You will also have access to Patreon only rewards such as gift cards, prizes, competition and much more for your Patreoneage suggested ideas more than welcome !! as a way of the badger showing thanks for this level of much needed love and support to the channel!!




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Hey Badger Army, hope you're well !!

Should you pledge you'll be helping me to bring back the fun and madness of 80s and 90s entertainment television with my eccentric British style.

You'll never be bored with regular streams of upto date gaming as well as more 'retro' content, which will be funded, in part, by you, my awesome patreons !!

I also hope to carry on my unboxing series such as 'Loot Crate Japan' and a wide variety of other items !!

I started this Channel around 3 years ago now, I have always felt the need to entertain and uplift in any way possible and am very passionate about this !! I wanted to try and make a channel and a difference to the entertainment industry while I could and didn't want the chance to pass me by !! 

At the start the channel mainly focused on Vlog style/entertainment content now I have moved more into the live streaming/video game related side of YouTube.

I also use Twitter loads involving the audience regularly with Twitter polls on what game to play next I also plan to do subscriber vs episodes in the near future !!

I would also like to continue my channels challenge episodes and am now weaving that into my video games episodes  your patreonage will help fund the channel allowing me to purchace the materials/food and equipment needed 

your Patreonage will also help to pay for guest stars helping to pay bills rent food and loads more for the channel
$0 of $50 per month
Starter Goal $50 a month

to buy games for the channel and different items,foods,DVDs,lots of different products to review and taste test and the games will be reviewed and streamed on my channel

Middle goal $100 a month

i will be able to have a lighter work schedule and be able to devote more time to YouTube so this will include lots of vlogs throughout the day and more streams throughout the week this will hopefully grow the badger army community greatly!!

Future goal preparing for a professional Youtubing career $500

I will remove adverts make lots more content and better content. buy new equipment such as camera ,lighting ,microphone  green screen help support other youtubers buy paying guest stars fund loads more challenges unwraps and lootcrate episodes
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