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Another Mile
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Put a little boost in the engine. And help keep the bare bones operation from working itself to the bare bones.

Sketch Archivist
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5 bucks gets you a monthly subscription to the signature BCA product.

The BCA Method: Sketch Archive Zine

Documenting an entire year's worth of sketchbook entries.
Over 300 pages of work. Countless hours of moving pencils across paper. Spread out over 12 volumes of handcrafted zines for your thumbing pleasure!

See ideas come and go. Refine. And become featured projects in the BCA Universe.

Take part in the community. 

And see how your input finds it way onto the page.

Turtle Ninjitsu Force
per month

Stories from the cavalry of a world wide peace corporation.
Seasoned veterans of this martial enforcement agency, face down new challenges. As a flock of rookies hit the changing battlefields.
This tier gives you direct access to the Turtle Ninjitsu Force track of progress. As a supporter, you get the TNF-#0 conceptual book. Plus, the first issue of Turtle Ninjitsu Force upon completion.

In addition to being on the development track of the rest of the 8 part series. Taking part in the community, watching your input find it's way on to the page.




per month


The Boxcar Adventurer - Creative Dynamo
A. Grace Longfellow - Story Maker

Documents daily sketch and illustration work.
Putting a lifetime of experience behind the pencil to use. Chicken scratching a living, via The BCA Method. A monthly self-published, hand-crafted zine. Featuring 24 pages of original pencil sketch drawings. From the BCA, herself.

See how it all starts.
Where the pencil first moves the tides of some of the BCA's most ambitious of story ideas. How concepts and projects are made from nothing. And where they end up in the community.
In monthly volume releases!

See the Pigs and how they fly.
Meet the Analog Kid.
Take a trip down the river, with Strange Floaters!
Step into the ring with The Chump.
Try to outwit the fearsome Mr. X.
Tour the country with The Creative Wa/onderer Podcast!
And more!

Experience the dazzling heights and dark depths of The BCA Universe.
$8.95 of $250 per month
At $250 per month, the BCA will begin providing regular video content.

Daily sketch sessions. Standard instructional videos to capture the BCA Method, in it's fullest display.
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