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About The Candy Skulls


My name is Elli Leimone, and I represent a page on YouTube where people of all ages and minds can come and have a home.. 'Outcasts', 'nobodies', and 'FUBAR' alike. In The Candy Skulls, we emphasize and promote love, courage, self-expression, and family. We are growing exponentially every month. We have each other's backs, and we hold strong together. My personal mission is to give back to the kids and people who give their everything to the world! I reward dedication, effort, and passion. And some of the kids who come to my channel have far too much love and hope for the world not to be loved back!

If you aren't already, please be aware that you, too, are welcome here. You, too, have a home with the Candy Skulls!  >3
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I would love to hold a merchandise giveaway for our Candy Skulls! If we could raise the money, 50 special subscribers will receive a Candy Skulls Merch pack!
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