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 Welcome to being part of the Drop Pod Squad, and our utmost thanks. We will give you a personal shout out on the channel.
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 Thank you wargamer!! Welcome to being part of the Squad!!,  You have our utmost thanks, you are making this possible.  You also get two additional entries just for being a member into the channel give aways. As well as the badge of Patreon for our Discord channel, and a set of two special Drop Pod logo dice that will never be for sale anywhere else.
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You are a valued Acolyte of the Retinue, and as such have access to everything in the previous tier, three entries into channel give-aways. Special Inquisitors Retinue Dice never available anywhere else, and the Acolyte Swag Bag.(Sponsors and products to be updated. So far thanks to RMC Gaming)
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About The Drop Pod Cast

We are a monthly gaming podcast about Warhammer 40K, we discuss lists, games, local tournaments and play, news and more. We want to build our channel up to the best level possible, and to be able to give people the highest quality production, and content, we need your help. Our goal is to get good video and studio equipment to make more hobby videos, battle reports, tournament and event coverage, and offer give aways to our fans. 

You can view our Facebook here and our YouTube channel here: here

35% complete
If we can get to just $50/mo it will help for the costs of production
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