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I am in the process of designing a business based on Love. The idea is: beautiful art will be sold to promote Love, which will eventually help in funding a non-profit, that gives back. I am a spiritual being. I believe in a lot of forms of the spiritual world. I love humor and I would like to think I am pretty funny. I am writing a book relating psychology to spirituality, trying to prove theories still. When it is finished, it will be a beautiful thing. I am a lesbian, 30 years of age. I draw, write, paint, photograph and so much more. I stand for what I feel is right and I tend to season things with sarcasm to get through the dark voids in life lol

I eventually may end up doing some vlogging, but while I’ve been sick, I haven’t really done very much. So stay tune :)

Follow me on IG @Cupid11

Gay Puerto Rican Street Rat :) (PRIDE)


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