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is creating stories of not for profits and everyday people doing good stuff.
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Welcome to the team, now that you have some skin in the game you have officially been initiated into The Messengers Global team. We thank you for all your contribution and support.

 You are now part of achieving:
- Telling stories of not for profits globally and giving them a voice.

- Sharing stories of hope, life and love with the world.

- Delivering valuable content to not for profits to help them bring value to their community.

- Helping not for profits raise funds for their mission.

- Funding the research and creation of rich content, manuals, workshops and resources to better educate and equip those doing the work.

- Training, travel and outreach.

The Messengers Global thank you for partnering with us to help tell stories of not for profits and help everyday people do good stuff. 




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About The Messengers Global

There are over 10 million not for profits globally doing amazing things to change the world. So where are they?

Many not for profits are merely a statistic, hidden away and unable to be reached by those desiring to come alongside them and make a positive impact in the world.

Our mission is to tell stories of not for profits and help everyday people do good stuff.

We tell stories of not for profits to give them a voice and to ensure the world can discover and be part of what they are doing. We want to connect them with the community they need to help them make a difference. 

Only together can we truly change the world. 

Thank you and welcome to The Messengers Global .
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Stage 1. Creating the community
This is just the beginning of what's to come, it's really important for us to have a solid team of 200 Patrons before we can really start pioneering into uncharted waters.

200 Patrons will enable us to:

  • Pay to have our website professionally designed, allowing us to showcase not for profits and their stories.

  • Visit not for profits around to world to tell their story. 

  • Provide travel and volunteer opportunities for our community 

  • Create The Messengers Global EMag, Volume 1! 

  • Create and run 'Mission Masterclasses' that include learning materials and resources to better equip those doing "good stuff."

  • Run events and exhibitions to raise funds for the not for profits we support.
And much more, this is just the beginning of what's to come!

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