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“To give hope! To transform and enrich the daily and faith lives
of all people through
creative and meaningful
songs and musical experiences.”

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Theodore (Ted) Jander (see my bio for more). The Seasonal Scriptures in Song project grew out of my passion for composing sacred music.

What is Seasonal Scriptures in Song you ask?

First, it’s what you can do to make a difference in the lives of many:

  • Through Seasonal Scriptures in Song, a new song, composed every month using rhyming versions of scripture verses or the scriptural text as is in metered settings, will make learning and memorizing the words easier, thus, the greater the chance for faith enrichment.
  • Seasonal Scriptures in Song brings new and easily learned alternatives into the worship and devotional experiences, thus providing a unique means to transforming the faith lives of the congregation.
  • By supporting and/or participating in Seasonal Scriptures in Song, every patron experiences the opportunity to share their love of music in service to others through this new and unique mission.
  • Support Seasonal Scriptures in Song today! It’s super easy! Click here to pick your contribution level.

Second, transform your congregation’s faith life or that of you and your family’s through easy-to-sing Seasonal Scriptures in Song:

  • Appropriate ranges for all voices make for successful congregational and individual singing.
  • At $10 per month, congregations gain new music at a reasonable price. Plus, it’s a cost effective means for family use.
  • Live recordings, available to all patrons, provide a means for learning the songs on the go. And, you’re able to hear the finished product.

Third, this mission is grounded in Colossians 3:16
, “Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom; teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord.” While the mission initially manifests in scripture based song, the vision of Seasonal Scriptures in Song is to realize:
  • Many lives, across the globe, enriched and transformed, having embodied scripture through music and song;
  • An ongoing and creative means to assist teachers, parents, pastors, music directors, children, families, and congregations embody the scriptures through song;
  • A transformative, growing, and readily available canon of music for small and large churches alike all around the world.

Click here to become a part of developing this mission, making the above vision a reality. Your support will also help to distribute the music beyond the conventional marketplace, and help me serve you and many others while making a living as a composer. So…

…here is what you can do!

You begin here on Patreon, a website where you can show support to creators who work on projects they enjoy.
  • It’s similar to Kickstarter.
  • Instead of a one-time donation, Patreon is an ongoing support system in the form of a monthly contribution, or a per creation pledge. The best part of it all is the ongoing opportunity for creator and patron interaction.

By becoming one of my patrons, you pledge a certain amount each month towards the project. Like the patrons of old who supported the likes of Bach, Haydn, Mozart, etc., every contribution helps, no matter how small. You can even set a monthly max, so you never go over your budget. Click here to pick your contribution level.

With your support, I will be able to:
  • Release at least one new piece of content each month.
  • Have the opportunity to focus more time on composing music for Seasonal Scriptures in Song, as well as other future projects, and…
  • …most importantly, have the flexibility in serving each of you through the benefits of your patron level.

How will I serve you, my partners in this mission, besides just writing music and making it available? You will be entitled to special rewards. Here are a few of these benefits:
  • Gain behind-the-scenes glimpses into my creative process; where our connection with each other will grow, you can learn ideas to aid in your own work process, and even jump-start your own creative juices.
  • Based on your patron level, your name or that of your church appears on the Patreon website, Theodore’s personal website, and the score. Therefore, you or your church gains global recognition as a participant in, and supporter of, the mission of Seasonal Scriptures in Song.
  • For the music director who feels “out of their element”, Implementation Strategies are available to help jump start your ideas of how to incorporate the songs into the worship, devotional, and teaching life of your congregations and families.

Plus, in the All Posts feed, you can share stories, art, etc. as well as leave your comments. Click here to further explore the many benefits listed above.

Thank you so very much for taking the time to read all about this project and mission! I humbly invite you to join me in this venture where we can work together and make great music happen and transform the lives of many. All the while, I will serve you as best I am able within this thriving, supportive, and independent music community.

Theodore A. Jander

Official site:
My publishing site:


As mentioned, my name is Theodore (Ted) Jander. I have been composing and arranging for a little over twenty years, although singing was my first passion. Growing up in a singing family helped build my confidence to take those first big steps onto a stage at the age of ten. I have not stopped performing since. From participating in grade school choirs, church choirs, collegiate ensembles, to honing my musical chops as Artistic Director and member of the Greenleaf Singers (a St. Louis-based Early Music Vocal Ensemble), and as Composer-in-Residence and Worship Ministry Coordinator at Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd in Hazelwood, Missouri, sacred choral music emerged as my passion, more specifically, composing music for the church.

My enthusiasm for writing music was nurtured through compositional studies while completing my Bachelors in Music Education, my Master of Arts degree with an emphasis in Choral Studies and Composition and studying counterpoint and composition at the European American Musical Alliance program in Paris, France. Teaching various music classes and ensembles at the middle school and high school levels added to my compositional skill set. Over the past twenty-one years, each of these circumstances provided me with multiple opportunities to also cultivate my music engraving skills utilizing Finale Notation Software.

Out of these experiences, my musical oeuvre has grown. From this, a new mission has evolved, to create Seasonal Scriptures in Song. This project will grow the available canon of music for small and large churches alike all around the world, all for just the cost equal to three or four lattes a month from your local coffee shops. Teachers, parents, pastors, and music directors will be able to use these songs to help children, as well as families and congregations, embody the scriptures.

With all these hats (did I forget to mention that I am also a Wellness Consultant for Juice Plus and an avid cyclist and runner?), I spend as much time as I am able with my two amazing children, Ellie and Evan.

$151.20 of $500 per month
Attaining this objective will provide the means to upgrade my studio (software updates & purchases, keyboards, sound libraries, etc.) which are needed to keep growing and developing the project. Also, any travel expenses (fuel, and potentially lodging) that will be involved in serving you will be substantially reduced.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 170 exclusive posts
Audio releases
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 170 exclusive posts
Audio releases

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