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No items sent. If everyone could give a little then I could keep a roof over my head and food in my belly. It will aid me to carry on doing what I love. While I battle with mental illness and chronic pain.

Life has changed a lot for me over these past few years and it's only the support and kindness of other that has kept me strong.

Thank you. 

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per Rescuing animals

You will receive a kitty beaded key-ring hand made by me for helping. Normally sold on my page for $15 each. Please message my page if you wish to choose a particular colour. If you do not request a colour one will be sent at random. Thank you.

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per Rescuing animals

You will receive a small tree for every month you support me. It could be any colour or any theme.  If you have a special one in mind then please do let me know. 




per Rescuing animals

About Kay

I make custom jewellery and wire work decorations. I love working with wire and it has turned into a great passion of mine over the past year.

I love what I do and each creation is unique to the customer. I do not reproduce my jewellery Each piece is one of a kind.
My wire work wall hangings are reproduced but no two are alike completely.
Each piece of art has it’s own personality and is all hand crafted with love.

I live in France with my husband.

Living in the countryside we get a lot of feral cats and we do our bit to give them homes. We get lots of them come and go.
Each one special. Each one different.
The sick or old stay with us on the farm as re-homing them would not be easy and I do not like the idea of any animal in a cage all it’s life.

Your money and support helps me support them. My dreams of being a crazy cat lady have come true but I can only truly stay that way with your help and love.

If you would like to know any more about me, comments are always welcomed.

You can contact me either here or via my Facebook page :http://www.facebook.com/Theshinyzone

Thank you for reading.
Much love and many sparkles.

Kay xx
$0 of $1,500 per Rescuing animals
We have over 20 cats here plus other rescue animals. We just treated our chickens to a new hen house and I would love to build a summer house just for cats. With soft pillows and shelves they can hang out on. Winter s very harsh here and not all the cats like to be inside as they are feral. So I would like to create a place for them to be out of the cold and keep them safe from predators. 

Thank you for your help and assstance.
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