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per Split-Screen Cover / Story (Video)
  • InstantDOWNLOAD of ALL previous Split-Screen Covers or Split-Screen Stories EVER done by VRA (10 Files - MP3 320 Kbps)
  •  🎵 MP3 DOWNLOAD of each new Split-Screen (Cover/Story) release.


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  • InstantDOWNLOAD of ALL previous Split-Screen Covers or Split-Screen Stories EVER done by VRA (10 Files - MP3 320 Kbps)
  •  🎵 MP3 DOWNLOAD of each new Split-Screen (Cover/Story) release. 
  •   🎸 Backing Tracks for all instruments + Instrumental Track MP3 (320 Kbps) - of each NEW release.


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About Thiago Campos

Only got a minute? 👉The short of it: Support the original Split-Screen Covers (and the all NEW Split-Screen Story) project and be part of the VRA community, with access to DOWNLOADS of previous releases, backing tracks, stems, Q&As and the process while it happens. We are arguably the most popular Dream Theater cover on the Internet, and want to make this a great place of entertainment, resources and knowledge for all, with awesome extra content for the fans! Pick your package (from FREE to $20 - limited) and JOIN US! *Read on if you've got more than a minute and want to get familiar with what we do. THANK YOU

 Dear VRA and DT fans, welcome!

You've come to the right place. Make yourself at home. 🏠🎵

:: NEW ::
SPLIT-SCREEN STORY, mobile edition. 📲IGTV @ThiagoCamposOfficial 
* Learn more about the new 'Split-Screen Story' project below.

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Pledge any amount now and get instant access to ALL previous Dream Theater VRA! Split-Screen Covers or Split-Screen Story releases. 🎵 MP3 DOWNLOAD of a total of 10 files, with collaborations from 2009 to 2018. Our "Gift of Music" to all VRA supporters!

2009 - "A Nightmare to Remember" (Snippet)
2009 - "Lifting Shadows Off a Dream" 
2009 - "Metropolis Part 1"
2010 - "Constant Motion"
2011 - "As I Am"
2011 - "On the Backs of Angels"
2012 - "Fatal Tragedy"
2013 - "The Enemy Inside"
2015 - "The Gift of Music"
2018 - "Overture 1928"

Download (on posts below)

🎸 About me:

Hello. My name is Thiago Campos and I am a guitarist, producer and mixing engineer.

I'm a founding member and main songwriter of progressive rock/metal band Bad Salad, and producer of the VRA! / Split-Screen Covers project on YouTube (since 2009). 

My YouTube Channel: ThiagoCamposOfficial

🔊 About the projects you'll be supporting here:

● Split-Screen Covers ● by VRA!

The original Split-Screen collaboration project by VRA, launched on YouTube in 2009.

● Split-Screen Story by VRA!

The mobile incarnation of the Split-Screen Covers, made for IGTV 📺 (Instagram) and other mobile platforms. NEW for 2018.


In 2009 I started a cool little project with my brother and some friends on YouTube called "VRA! Split-Screen Covers". It started out as a way to break the physical barriers between us, so we could play the music we love together, even if just online. Turns out we were pioneers of what would soon become a trend. "Split-Screen" Music Videos were a new thing, and our little project quickly attracted attention and escalated into a multinational collaboration camp

Fast forward 9 years and we now have released many Split-Screen Covers, mostly from Dream Theater's music (the "meat and potatoes" of our catalog), some of which have become classics among fans, with contributing musicians from Brazil, Italy, USA, Canada, Sweden, Venezuela, South Korea, Portugal, Germany, etc.

Dream Theater - Metropolis Part 1, by VRA Split-Screen Covers, Oct 2 2009.


So, why is your support so important? 

VRA! / Split-Screen Covers has been a labor of love since it began. My passion for the music we cover, for the art of recording, mixing and producing, along with my friends and guests, who share that passion, and the AMAZING feedback we get from YOU, fans from around the world is what's kept this project alive for so long.

Over the past few years, unfortunately, I haven't been able to commit myself to it as much as it deserves. As grown-up life dictates, I've been busy with many bands, projects and paying gigs and FREE time is becoming a luxurious, almost extinct, asset. The interval in-between videos, which previously was of weeks/months has now become years, and to my dismay I've had to turn down countless volunteering musicians because of it, and consequently read emails, comments and msgs from frustrated fans who miss and request new releases.

To put things in perspective, a single 'Split-Screen Cover' Video takes about 1-3 weeks of hard work to get done. That includes learning and practicing the music (which ironically, is the "easy" part), organizing the lineup and communicating with everyone so everything goes smoothly, recording, editing the audio, mixing and mastering, shooting the videos, video editing and correction, rendering, upload and promoting/sharing. With the exception of video editing on our latest 2 releases (which was done by my brother and bassist Felipe, to share some of the load) everything else is done by yours truly. I wouldn't have it any other way, as I am a bit of a control freak, and enjoy every step of this whole process (especially the mixing part).

So you see, as much as we love this project, I cannot justify refusing paying gigs to free up 1-3 weeks to work on a new release very often. If however we could turn VRA into a self sustainable project, not only would I have the perfect excuse to turn down other gigs in its favor, and thus be able to put out new releases much faster, be involved with the genre of music I love the most and be able to share it with you guys, but we could make it an even more awesome experience for everyone, offering extras (backing tracks and whatnot), and reinvesting in better audio and video apparatus to make the quality of our Split-Screen Covers top grade

It was actually suggested by one of our collaborators, Will Shaw (a.k.a the fucking awesome "car kid" who totally slayed on the Metropolis Part 1 Split-Screen Cover, specially on the most commented seconds on YouTube prog history, with his vulgar display of pipes, starting at 3:34), that I set up a Patreon page for the project, as a means to enable its existence for years to come. I thought I'd give it a go, so here we are.

💸 What are you paying for? 🎵

Essentially you are paying for the production aspects of the project, which enables the releases to happen more frequently. With just $1 per video you will make a difference, and you'll get to download the high quality mp3 file of each release to listen to wherever you want. Extras / Bonus material are offered to those who can and wish to support with bigger amounts, and with your feedback I'm on an ongoing effort to add new cool items to these extras as we progress.

This is a per video project. If there aren't any new videos, you don't get charged at all - not on signup, nor monthly. You can change your pledge at any time.

💡 Our initial plans.. 💭

"To cover 1 song from EVERY Dream Theater Album" + more 

We have plans to cover many new bands, as well as finish what we've started in 2009, completing our goal of covering (at least) 1 song from each of Dream Theater's studio albums. We are 5 albums away from this goal: Falling Into Infinity, When Dream and Day Unite, Black Clouds and Silver Linings, 6 Degrees of Inner Turbulence, and Octavarium. 


  • "One of the cool things about doing Split-Screen Covers are the useful byproducts we are left with after they are out! I remember when I was starting to play DT (2000-2003 period), the hassles I'd go through to hunt down MIDI files I could use as backing tracks. There were only a hand full of them, they were hard to find, and mostly poorly (average at best) transcribed/programmed by the honorable souls who ventured in providing them for us (God bless you people, wherever you are). I'd download anything and everything I could find DT related (there was no YouTube so we'd have to wait ages downloading a bootleg snippet in .avi or something from some underground dude). That's how I got more into the "computer recording / production" side of things. I had to figure out the software to do what I needed (DAWs). Edit these files, and eventually record over them. I'd open these MIDI tracks into projects and mess with them. Change the notes, mute parts, basic stuff that got me started learning the production aspects of music. The MIDI themselves sounded horrible played though the standard Windows music player, so I'd run them through VSTi plugins (Virtual Instruments, it was a relatively new thing) to change their sounds and make them more lively and realistic. Fun times of learning. Believe me, it was HARD just being a DT/JP fan wanting some decent play-alongs to jam to at home. Yeah, "first world problems" in a third world country, I know. I could just play over their CDs, as I did and still do, but if you're a guitarist you know it's not as fun and rewarding as playing with JUST your guitar along to an equally AWESOME band."

If you are anything like me, a musician and DT fan, either just starting out, or still at it having fun at home, you will appreciate the ease 2018 brings and the extra goodies that these Split-Screen Cover collaborations have to offer:


High quality BACKING TRACKS (play-along) for each instrument. You can jam at home or record your take along to real performances of pros and like-minded musicians. These tracks aren't available elsewhere, as our collaborations are 100% new recordings done by VRA members. They certainly beat playing over MIDI sounds, and we've saved you the hassle of hunting these tracks down. 


Isolated Tracks for individual instruments. Stems are useful to learn parts, for easy mix fixes or remixes, compiling new/different backing tracks, or just for the enjoyment of listening to an isolated performance if you wanna nerd in on a particular instrument. We offer isolated stems for Guitars and Bass, and a third stereo track with a mixdown of everthing else (for example, Drums + Keys) when available.

● I will answer your questions regarding each new release, on VIDEO. 📽️

Submit your questions after each new release and I will answer them individually on camera and post a video with all replies here on Patreon (patron-only extra). I'll gladly discuss guitar, recording, mixing, riffs, curiosities pertaining to the release and the project. The Q&A video will be available to all patrons, but question submission is limited to a couple of tiers (check out the different options available).


📲 Mobile Edition | Made for IGTV 📺 #SplitScreenStory

Okay, so it's 2018 (wow time flies). Let's get up to date on what's happening, there is good news!
As some of you already know from following me on Instagram - @ThiagoCamposOfficial (I've been much more active there these past couple of years than anywhere else online), I post some short Dream Theater videos (15 seconds "Stories") from time to time, among my other everyday life activities. That's all there's been time for, really, bits of fun here and there, so it's what I've been sharing with the many of you VRA and DT fans that follow me and continually msg me with cool feedback and with requests for MORE covers.

One of these days I saw a story by Paulinho Drums, where he was playing some DT on his V-Drums (amazingly well and inspiring). Then I saw a Story by Rod, playing and singing some DT (also very inspired, a beautiful acoustic arrangement for "Hollow Years"). Then a couple of other previous VRA collaborators messaged me on the same week. Hmm, the DT bug 🕷️ bit everyone!? haha, I guess maybe because the band is back in the studio, writing their 14th album (wow! major props to a successful career), and everyone got excited! I too was in a DT mood, on a posting streak of JP solos and riffs, I must confess. It's definitely an atrological thing or something... 🔮🌟

Anyway , I talked to Paulinho after he msged me in reply to one of my "DT stories" and we eventually came to "Hey, why not we get our stories together and make one BIG SPLIT STORY"? We initially thought we'd do a 15s story, just Paulinho and I compiled together, but I said I'd talk to Felipe and Junghwan to see if they were interested in joining us. Turns out everyone was excited and things escalated. Instead of doing just 15s or 1min short videos, we did an entire instrumental track. One that was short enough (by prog standards), that we all loved, and already knew how to play it (backwards) from many years ago, so it would be "easy", or at least simplified - "Overture 1928". The goal here was to make it as simple and easy and practical as possible. No mega overproduced projects, with outside recording studios, hundreds of tracks, professional cameras, billions of angles, nothing. Just friends in the comfort of their homes, recording with whatever gear and software is readily available to each, sending in 1 file for audio, 1 for video each, on music we already are familiar with. In other words, fun! Part of the reason why the original "Split-Screen Covers" has been in the fridge is because of how complex and laborious (and expensive), and honestly exchausting (specially when we rush'em out shortly after the single is released) to me those projects were. This new approach had the potential to destroy what was getting in the way of productivity, so we could share more cool music and playing with you guys. The idea seemed quite promising the more I thought about it, so I decided to put a little extra care into it, and release it as a new "branch" of our side-project, as the SPLIT-SCREEN STORY. Since we were in the realm of Instagram, and the concept arose there, where we are most active these days, it made sense for it to be an IGTV release, on their new video platform tailored for mobile viewing, "STORY" style, hence the decision to format it for vertical/portrait viewing. Hopefully you enjoy this new venture and stick around for the ride!

Think of this new project not as a replacement for the original SPLIT-SCREEN COVERS, but as a new slightly more simplified younger brother of it, to keep us all in touch and sharing cool music more frequently. If there is still interest for the bigger scaled productions, with acoustic kits, pro studio, multi-angle high-res shots, there will definitely be some more in the future. 



If you love our covers and want to see the project grow with new releases more often, please consider supporting it and spreading the word to your friends who would enjoy this music!

$99 of $100 per Split-Screen Cover / Story (Video)
  • Dream Theater "The Gift of Music" BACKING TRACKS (Mp3 Download)

When we reach this mark I will personally email all Patrons a download link to the Backing Tracks from our latest Split-Screen Cover, Dream Theater's "The Gift of Music". That is, 5 different backing tracks, for Guitar, Bass, Keys, Drums and Vocals. Jam with VRA and record your take! Here's a preview! :)

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