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  • What do I do?
TL;DR I make videos often on anthropological topics covering info most people don't think about.

I create videos on topics, ideas, and questions I don't see a lot of people talk about in order to add interesting insight.  I often focus on anthropological topics, sometimes with an emphasis on definitions of terminology: Could Mars colonies one day want independence?  Are humans going extinct?   How many people did it take for you to exist?  Are words real?  What will happen to your photos when you are gone?

My goal on YouTube is to get people interested in the things that they never even knew they didn't know.

Beyond that, I also make fun side videos such as: IFTANK (10 Interesting Facts That Almost Nobody Knows), use language to look at things differently (What is a berry? Places you did not know are actually islands), and so forth.

  • Why Patreon?
I've been making Think Fact videos for over five years, and in that time I treated making content as exclusively a hobby.  I didn't feel comfortable asking people for money.  Now that I've graduated university, being laid off from my job, and my car is broken down… I decided that I might as well give this my all!  Financially speaking, I'm not all that far away from being able to make YouTube a full-time career.  Once I get past my first goal ($600), I can sleep easy at night.  I realized that if I want this to work I need to get out of my own comfort zone and ask for help, it won't work otherwise.  That being said, the community around my channel means the world to me.  I see Patreon also as a means to connect with people who care for my work and this community so much that they're willing to pay.  That kind of generosity is just above and beyond, and I would like to know people who care that much.  Please consider supporting, thank you.

  • Who am I?
My name is Dale Winslow.  I'm a happy-go-lucky guy who likes to be positive!  I recently graduated university with my BA in anthropology.  At the peak of my channels success (2015), I realized I had to set an example.  I left YouTube in order to finish my degree with the highest grades I could. I realized that came with the consequence of an enormous amount of potential momentum and growth, but I didn't feel comfortable representing the EDU community if I couldn't even put my own education first.  I had 100K subscribers at the time, earning about 100 to 500 new people a day.  It was hard at first to walk away, but it was the right thing to do.  Again, the community part of my YouTube channel means the world to me, and I knew I needed to do this not only for the EDU community, not only for myself, but to be able to stand in front of them with my head held up high knowing that I have walked the walk.  Hopefully, that can motivate other people.  I'm not perfect and I’ll always make mistakes, but I hope to show that I can be an example of a person who is able to overcome the odds while doing the right thing.
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