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About ThinkerThunker

Hey, I'm ThinkerThunker!

I love making videos and sharing my findings with the world!

And with over 14,000 million views and 70,000 subscribers from around the world, I'm overwhelmed by the success I've had at my former home on Youtube. And look forward to having that same success at my new home - (Please come by and check it out.)

One small problem ... I'm not rich. I have to work for a living, like most of you do. And even as successful as my Youtube channel was, it paid our utilities at best. Then got cut little by little, month by month by Youtube until after four years of trying - FULL TIME - I finally had to walk away from my dream of doing this thing I love, from being ThinkerThunker, to pursue other interests.

And didn't make one, single video for an entire year.

But some of you wouldn't have it. So you sought me out and asked me to give Patreon a try.

So ... I said OK.

And you were right. Patreon has been a success! Thank you all!

Your support affords me some of the time it takes for one person (me,) to research, write, test, create animations, provide examples for and produce a video. Some video ideas get kicked around for years before I finally figure out my approach.

All I ask here is $1 a month. How long you participate is up to you. You won't receive a secret decoder ring or free tickets to my world tour like other channels here on Patreon. But then again, I'm only asking for $1, not $1,000. And I prefer to keep it that way. I want this is to be as easy and affordable as possible for everyone. Each and every dollar will be appreciated though, as if it was $1,000. Thank you.

That's it. Thank you for your time and support.
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$1 a month is all I ask. I want this to be easy for everyone.

How long you participate is up to you. I appreciate every dollar I get.

**Also, Patrons can comment and discuss videos here without the usual distractions. Because everything here is private to "Patrons Only."

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$603 of $2,500 per month
Reaching my first goal will essentially mean that (ALL OF YOU) have hired a man obsessed with digging through BF videos frame by frame (ME) to continue searching through all the videos out there for overlooked details or insight into what is surely one of the most fascinating topics mankind will ever be presented with.
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