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Give What You Want: Thanks to you, I'm able to keep making videos consistently, which is great!  I'll be posting secret stuff for patrons only including upcoming ideas, behind the scenes, secret updates, and EARLY VIDEOS (assuming I don't finish them last minute lol).

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About ThioJoe

I like to make videos that make people say, "Why... Just why?" I'm a fan of everything that doesn't make sense. My videos range from tutorials that are completely fake but look totally real, to nerdy music videos, sarcastic rants, and the occasional skit.

I also have a second tech channel that does actually feature real information, because I do indeed like technology! I even have a gaming channel where I occasionally upload video game antics.  So you can support me for whatever channel you enjoy the most.

I love to make people laugh, and there's nothing like hearing from people that share my stupid sense of humor and like my videos. This Patreon page is not some desperate money grab - with your support I'll be able to make better videos more often, and never stop.
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More Live Streams! I'll start doing live streams more often, whether on YouTube, Twitch (for gaming), or YouNow.  I haven't done live streams as often as I'd like, and I think it would be fun for all of us to do them more often.
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