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Hey there,
we are This Was Rad podcast the only podcast where two friends in their thirties team up r to look back at the movies of their childhood to see if they are as rad today as they back then. Paul is an avid movie fan of everything from Star Wars to The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Greg is an video production professional who's love of movies runs deep into cinema's core including owning a large collection of Criterion certified movies. Together they form This Was Rad! Podcast.
As the podcast has slowly grown we've done our best to add better equipment, improve our sound, and just provide the funniest, most insightful, and raddest podcast we can. Now we are asking our loyalest fans to help us out and go to eleven! For the smallest amount possible you'll help to us continue to bring you clever catch-phrases like "crop tops all around" and recount the "flippy floppy laws" broken and of course remind you, we are all "human garbage" :)
As always, we here at This Was Rad! Podcast appreciate every listener who takes the time to download the cast and hope you continue to do so.
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When we hit $50 a month we will release a bonus episode every month where we review current rad films. These will be for patrons only.
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