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About This Week In Atrocity

Welcome to the Patreon bonus page for Dave and Jeb Aren't Mean (Your #1 Source for Highlights and Analysis of the Films of the Hallmark Network), which itself began as a Patreon bonus podcast for the current events and "debunking the fringe" podcast This Week in Atrocity. (More on that below.)

For $3 per month, or 10 cents per day, or less than "a latte," you get over 50 hours and counting of bonus material, including:

  • 19 full bonus episodes of Dave and Jeb Aren't Mean, including the first 16
  • 5 hours of reviews of the first season of The Last Ship, including 2 with investigative journalist, essayist and US Navy veteran Adam Weinstein
  • a series recap of Game of Thrones with Sara Kate Wilkinson and TV's Andy Levy
  • a review of the WCW-produced Hulk Hogan special forces vehicle Shadow Warriors: Assault on Devil's Island with TV's Andy Levy
  • a review of the masturbation-aiding slobs vs. snobs epic Ski School
  • a review where we go ass sliding with the Lori Loughlin BMX movie Rad
  • deleted scenes anthologies
  • periodic bonus episodes where Dave and Jeb talking about lots of things that seem like they're all about something else but are probably really just about getting older
You can also talk with us here, although you can probably also talk to us elsewhere.

This Week in Atrocity began as a show about post-election politics and the fringe, with a dedicated co-host, and then real life claimed the co-host, and the fringe became the mainstream and left the show without a brief. Later, it featured rotating guests who went on to other projects. Current events, media and sports episodes with David Roth morphed into Dave and Jeb Aren't Mean. Law and politics episodes with Charles Star turned into Charles's very successful Mic Dicta podcast. And political polling and district-by-district podcasts with Robert Wheel fell by the wayside as Bobby took a job focusing on just that. If you don't see the annual Thanksgiving podcast with Will Leitch here, it's probably on Will's podcast, whatever it was on that given year.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 113 exclusive posts
Audio releases
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