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Hello Patreon Community!

My name is Michael Ismail. I've been a gardener since I could walk. I grew up on a  "little" homestead near Benson Arizona, we had 50 fruit trees and grew tons of vegetables. My summers were filled with tasks around the garden, everything from taking care of the soil, planting, harvesting, pest management, and canning, lots and lots of canning... It was a lot of hard work, but I learned what it took to grow the best produce imaginable and that experience continues to motivate and inspire me. 

In 2014 I decided to change course from my previous work in finance, house flipping, and business consulting and I started Thrive and Grow Gardens. My original inspiration was two fold; First, to convince people who would otherwise tell you they can't grow a plant to save their life that they CAN be successful vegetable gardeners, even here in the Sonora desert. Second, to provide those who have experienced significant trauma a place around their home to heal with the peace and nutritious food an edible garden can provide.

Once I got started building garden beds for people I found something unexpected, a canvas where I could create an intersection between art and ecology. I've been establishing myself as an artist, gardening and irrigation expert, innovator, and entrepreneur ever since. 

I started this Patreon page to create more opportunities for my work to be seen, and to provide inspiration, and education to a broader audience. For me, my focus has always been to encourage people towards actions in the garden which create results that can enhance and change their lives for the better. By becoming a patron, you will get exclusive access to behind the scenes art and product development, and even witness the process of creating edible garden designs. You will also get regular pro gardening tips to help you make your own gardening aspirations a reality.  

I have some really exciting goals for my first couple of months on Patreon, you can find them at the top of the page. There you will also find my tiers, so you can get an idea of the content and products I will be providing to my patrons. Come along with me and witness my creations while I teach and inspire people to make the world a greener, more peaceful, and tastier place!


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