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About Thunder Mouth Productions

Thunder Mouth Productions is a place where everyone belongs. Whether you are straight, gay, trans and everything in between. Whether you are white black Hispanic Asian and all those other beautiful ethnicities. You belong. We are called thunder mouth productions because we are people who have been silenced for too long and we have thoughts and ideas we need to share with the world. And our company is creating a safe community for others who feel exactly how we feel. And we celebrate differences because that’s our mission. To bring people together through comedy and games. At the end of the day we are all living on this earth together, so we might as well work together. We are important and what we have to say is valid. People can’t take our voices away from us so we’ll share with the world our crazy, and maybe, just maybe we’ll make it. We are four woman that are going to create something massive. We’ve got thunder in our heads, fire in our hearts, and lightening on our tongues. Why not make some noise?
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