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I will draw a fan art of you or someone of your choosing.
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You have the ability to suggest a recipe although, this does not mean I will do it (see $7 pledge). You can also request a Karaoke Song or Challenge.
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About TigerSpirit

Theres so many things I want to do in life, like learning to do new things, go on adventures and do some very daredevilish/crazy things (like skydiving)!  As do many things in life, the things I want to do/keep on doing require money.  

Something that really needs funding:
    TigerClawCMP (about $6 a month)  - Right now, my mother is helping my pay to keep this server ongoing.  I don't think this is fair to her to have to support me with a hobby she has no part of.
    Burrito/Taco(ETC) Tasting  -  Believe it or not theres many foods that I have never had, and I know some of you will hate me for this.   I have never had a Taco or a Burrito...  Among many other things...  I may or may not have been living under a rock...   > . >

TigerClawCMP, TigerClaw is a Creative Minecraft RPG Multiplayer Server.  Our goal is to fill up as much of the map as possible with different builds with a RPG theme.  It has been a dream of mine to have my own server and do this kind of thing.  But, I can't sustain it on my own.

What will you get out of pledging to me?  
With any 'extra' money I have left over, I plan to put towards some sort of crazy thing.   Such as Skydiving or something of the sort.   If you pledge to me you can request I do some certain things such as:
  • Karaoke -  You can request I sing a song of mutual agreement for your ears only.  This means I record it and send the file to you.
  • Challenges (On stream or video)- NOTHING TOO EXTREME! Maybe things such as:
    • Drawing with my eyes closed, left hand or foot (ETC).
  • Lots of VLOGS! - Every time I get to do something special or a challenge I will VLOG it without fail. You want to see this derpy Tiger jump out of a plane right??!
  • More coming soon...

With spare money I may have after my needs are taken care of, I will donate money to Charity and those in need. 

I am not expecting very much, but I would love to see some of these things happen. 
Thanks for reading~ <3

P.S You'll receive free dumplings upon a visit to Toronto.
$0 of $5 per creation
With $5 I will be able to afford one cooking along with tiger stream.
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