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I'm just a lover of Jane Roberts, her husband Robert Butts, and the energy essence personality known as Seth that Jane "turned into", twice weekly, for two decades, beginning in 1963 until her departure in 1984, and dictating a massive collection of beautiful books that explored and expounded upon our Multidimensional Nature and the Nature of Reality and Consciousness

So far I've narrated and produced audiobook-versions of Seth's 10 published works, and several of Jane's books. Almost every day, I read another chapter from a book, and upload it to youtube. I don't put any ads on my videos so people aren't bothered by unnecessary interruptions. There are still several books I intend to produce audio versions of.

These are upcoming books I plan on narrating:

Seth, Dreams, and Projections of Consciousness
Emir's Education in the Proper Use of Magical Powers
The Oversoul 7 Trilogy (Three Books)
The World View of WIlliam James

This page is just for anyone who feels like helping me out in whatever amount they'd like. Any offering you give will most likely go towards rent and groceries for me and my cat, Willy :)

(Note: I get asked very often if I'm going to narrate the Early Sessions (9 books) and the Personal Sessions (7 books).  The short answer is simply, no. While I wholeheartedly encourage every serious Seth reader to buy and read these immensely valuable books, the fact is that they were published by Rick Stack of New Awareness Network/Seth Center, and he has almost singlehandedly been keeping the fresh publications of Jane and Seth's works going for many, many years. Not to mention he was an original member of Jane's ESP classes, has been giving classes and seminars on Seth's teaching for years, and has done more than anyone to keep their work alive, including acquiring the rights to publish these amazing formerly unpublished works, and given what I can only imagine to be incalculable hours of painstaking work editing these immense volumes for publication. This is why in every video description, I encourage people to buy their Seth and Jane books directly from his website, SethCenter.com.  It would not be fair to Rick to read these works aloud on Youtube. Not to mention, almost certainly illegal, haha. I very strongly encourage all readers of Seth to buy the Early and Personal sessions books from his site. Once you start reading them, you realize that the published canon of Seth's corpus, while profound, is yet still almost a bare-bones outline of Seth's material, which is properly expounded upon in its fully fleshed out body within those magnificent previously unpublished tomes. )

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