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About TimRileyWriting

Who's this guy?!

Here's the basics:
I'm Tim. I'm a writer. I'm Australian. I grew up gorging fantasy/science fiction books, watching tv and reading comics, while geeking out on Star Wars and DND. I'm also working on two novels, and a tonne of short stories. 

Why Patreon?

Remember the whole 'watching TV and reading comics' thing? Well, I want to bring episodic story telling back to writing. Not just comic books, not just a serialised novel being released a chapter at a time - proper, episodic content in the fantasy/sci fi Genre. 

Now, this brings with it some challenges. At first, I need to be able to sustain software subscriptions that help me not only write, but polish and present my writing to you. Once that's covered, I want to be able to buy new video and audio recording equipment, upgrade my office infrustructure, eat, and most importantly... dedicate time to the writing.

What do you get out of all this?

Well, you get access to my writing as it comes! To start I'll be releasing a new short story each month, until the first Season of my episodic content is ready. Plus, you'll have access to early drafts, character backstory that might not make the director's cut, and a whole bunch of 'behind the scenes' content.

And if you're lucky, you might just be able to help shape the drama that unfolds on the page.

Not enough? Here's a taste of what else is in the works:
- Audiobook recordings.
- Audio dramas.
- Writing streams.
- Interviews with other writers.
$23 of $100 per story.
This goal helps me cover the costs of the software that I use to create my content. This includes my annual subscription to Microsoft Office, Dropbox, and the Adobe Creative Cloud.

I'll release a FREE flash fiction piece as a thanks!
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