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About Timber Moments

Thank you, thank you, thank you!  We love our Patrons and certainly appreciate your support!  We're a "Rather Large Family" enjoying living in Alaska and we're taking you along with us!  We love it here and realize that not everyone gets to enjoy this amazing place year-round.  We're here to make memories and grow closer as a family; the same thing we wish for you!  The real "riches" of life are our knowledge and experiences coupled alongside the relationships we build.  That's why we're sharing what we're learning and experiencing while also becoming connected with you our patrons!
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Raising a 'Rather Large Family' isn't cheap, especially when we love getting out and exploring and having new experiences!  With your support we'll be able to buy better equipment; thereby make better videos.  Your support will also open opportunities for us to explore more of Alaska and experience more of what it has to offer, than we'd otherwise be able to.
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