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About TimeGhost

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Hey! We are Indy Neidell and Spartacus Olsson and we are making online interactive history documentaries. Together we started THE GREAT WAR in 2014, and now we’re making WORLD WAR TWO and many other series.

Like the THE GREAT WAR, we’re making a week-by-week, real-time, interactive six year long documentary about WORLD WAR TWO with specials on all its important events, persons, weaponry, tactics and much more.

Our biggest project is WORLD WAR TWO, for which we made a separate  YouTube channel. Together with other creators, we will cover the entirety of the Second World War in weekly episodes on what happened that week, specials on important figures, weaponry, tactics, cultural aspects, the home front, the occupation of Europe and East-Asia and the War Against Humanity. Additionally, we have a video format called Out of the Foxholes where we answer your questions about World War Two. Expect this to become the biggest, most interactive and most complete documentary on World War Two ever to be made.

Besides WORLD WAR TWO, we make other content on our  TimeGhost History YouTube channel. Currently, our biggest project there is BETWEEN TWO WARS, in which we cover the 21 years between the The Great War and World War Two. Furthermore, we are making several other series and are planning on starting new ones in the future. To give you a taste: we have made a series on CUBAN MISSILE CRISIS and we are making a DiKtionary with biographies of the biggest bad guys in human history.

In short: We're making online, interactive documentary series. By helping us you're literally and figuratively making history. 

Indy Neidell and Spartacus Olsson are the minds behind THE GREAT WAR, WORLD WAR TWO and TimeGhost. Indy is a historian, actor and professional musician from the United States, currently living in Sweden. He presented and researched the YouTube series THE GREAT WAR, which is to this date the biggest ever online, historical documentary on the globe. Spartacus is a film and video producer, writer, and director that had been studying history fanatically since he was seven years old.

Also part of the team are Astrid Deinhard, Joram Appel and Wieke Kapteijns. Astrid is the producer, set-designer for all the TimeGhost content. Joram is a historian from the Netherlands and will be doing research and community management for our series. Wieke too is a historian from the Netherlands and does image research and edits many of our videos. We will work with many other creators, a few of which are The Tank Museum (Bovington, UK), Eastory and The Chieftain.

In short: We're an international team of passionate historians and documentary makers.

We aim to involve the community in the production of our documentaries as much as possible. We have a  TimeGhost Army Forum where we co-create with our community. They help us with research and feedback, help us to get our priorities straight in the massive pile of WWII subjects and keep us on our toes in discussion sessions and Q&A’s.

Furthermore, we have TimeGhost  FacebookTwitterReddit and Instagram pages where we maintain very close contact with our community – feel free to approach us with anything on your mind. What’s more is an  Instagram account where we cover the entire war day-by-day with pictures and a detailed caption.

In short: We want to make TimeGhost into a platform where we co-create our documentaries together with our community members and experts from over the whole globe.

You will, both literally and figuratively, make history by supporting us. We are not owned and operated by a production company, but instead rely on our community to make this happen. Our patrons are the backbone of our production, and we value their membership in ways that cannot be described with words.

We need your financial support to make more videos and collaborations for the World War Two channel and the TimeGhost series, for which we need to grow our team with researchers, editors and writers. We are also still improving the quality of our series. For example, improving audio quality, map animations and dedicated editors are our top priority right now. Furthermore, we would love to be able to film on real-world locations such as West-Europe, North-Africa, Italy, Russia and perhaps even the Pacific theatre. In the end, we would be thrilled to begin covering even more historical events and time-periods such as the Korean War, the Vietnam War or maybe even the Black Plague.

In return, you’ll get access to exclusive content on  our website, early access to all of our content, the threshold to contact us becomes lower and depending on your pledge many more benefits. Take a look at the tier list to find out more!

In short: we are upscaling our output, improving quality and would love to be able to film on real-world locations. 

Thank you immensely for joining us!

Indy, Spartacus, Astrid, Joram & Wieke

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World War II is Feasible
This secures WWII at the levels that the project deserves. A lot of the added money will go to rights and a little bit to dedicated resources to manage the WWII project. While we still have to dedicate much of our general resources to WWII, we will then be able to put out other stuff as well on occasion.
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