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I honestly don't really like the whole tier thing so we just have one tier here. Donating a dollar here will not only help me out tremendously but will make me forever love you. If you want to donate more than a dollar just to help out that's great to!

I use my Patreon to ask you guys questions and is the best way to ask me specific questions




Who are You and What Do You Want With Me?
Hey! My name is Holden Majewski and I run the YouTube channel over at TimeToGrind. I've spent quite awhile trying to figure out what I like to do on my channel and I am still constantly trying new things. Right now my main joy and pride is a little show called The TTG Show in which I talk about tons of different topics in the gaming world. I also do some other series every now and then like Stupid People Play and a couple of review videos. I love making videos and even more I love talking to people that enjoy my videos (or hate them) and seeing how I can improve!

So What's This Whole Patreon Thing For?
Overall I love making videos for everyone but as we all know life doesn't just let people do only what they like doing. My life is, like most people's, filled with tons of stuff that take time away from me making videos for you guys. By supporting the channel even in the slightest bit you help me out a ton in many ways ranging anywhere from helping me afford new equipment for making my videos even better or just slowly helping me reach my dream of making this my job.

So What's In It For Me?
Well as you can probably tell I am not a huge fan of having certain tiers of donations and having prizes for different people depending on how much they donate. If you like what I do on my channel and want to help support me in an amazing way I feel like that is more than I can ask for. No matter how much you donate you are helping me and I want to make you feel special. Patreon is how I interact with my fans the most. Sometimes I'll ask you guys questions or get your feedback on certain things and sometimes even show off some of the stuff I am working on early. So long story short no matter how much you donate I appreciate you immensely and will do the best I can to make you feel special :) 

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