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A Mertender is a person who finds a mermaid on the beach & carries her since she can't walk with a tail.  

In appreciation for your MerMazing Assistance you will receive the following benefits: 



· Access To MerFolk Only portion of Timey Lives Discord Server

· Public Recognition on select livestreams (Streamlabs OBS Streams)  

· A Peek Behind the scenes with Timey...A More Personal look into my world

· Preferential Song Requests Above Others (with the exception of Birthday Requests & those in higher tiers)

· Free Limited Edition T-Shirt on your 1 Year Anniversary

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The basic definition of a Fae is a mythological creature living side by side with humans. 

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· All Benefits from Prior Tier PLUS

· Free Limited Edition T-Shirt & A Timey’s Pool Party Beach Towel on your 1 Year Anniversary

· A Peek Behind the scenes with Timey...A More Personal look into my world

· Direct input through surveys on channel content or merchandise choices

· Patron Only Q & A Monthly Live Streams- Send me your ?’s in advance & I will answer them during our Exclusive Patron Only Live Streams

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 Greek mythology says that a Syren is one of a group of sea nymphs who by their sweet singing lured mariners to destruction! Well there is some debate..is a syren a MerMaid or is a MerMaid a type of Syren? 

Personally I believe that a Mermaid is a type of Syren who sings for the joy of it but unfortunately sometimes mariners got distracted doing their job. This was not our intent ;) 

In appreciation for your MerMazing Assistance you will receive the following benefits: 


    All Benefits from Prior Tiers PLUS


· Access to Syren Only features such as blooper reels

· EARLY access to all Premieres 

· A Limited Edition item of your choice, along with the limited edition t-shirt & Timeys pool party beach towel on your 1 year anniversary

· A limited edition mug proclaiming your Syren Status 

· Access to a Syren level only live stream once every 3 months in which YOUR creative suggestions will be considered earnestly.

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Hey Everybody! My name is Timey From 
Timey Lives  & Timey's Game Room
I am Your Rocking Blue Haired MerMaid! 
You are here today wondering why you should become a patron of mine
& what in the world am I all about? 

I am a singer, an actress, an avid gamer, a live entertainer, an advocate for kindness, breast cancer awareness, fibromyalgia awareness, self-love & self-care. I am a breast cancer survivor, a domestic violence survivor & I live with a debilitating severe case of the syndrome fibromyalgia. I don’t let that stop me from finding joy in my life, instead it has become an inspiration for all I do & reminds me  to make the most of each day!

Are there limitations with my illness? Absolutely yes! But I have found a way to rise above it & follow my dreams! I’m home bound but my quality of life has improved over the past so I make it a point to cherish each moment.

I started out with YouTube by singing at least 365 cover songs in a year with a Project365. I surpassed that goal & declared “What’s Next?”

Allowing myself the time to sort that out was one of the best things I could have done. 

A plan started to emerge on January 1, 2019 when I realized that had I not made the choices that I made for my health 5 years earlier, I would have died in 2018. What was then called TWG7 (Timeywimeygirl7) became Timey Lives (sounds like gives) as a reminder to celebrate each day I’m alive. This epiphany also made it clear to me that I have a mission to fulfill & the plan became clear.

Life is all about balance. None of us are 1 thing in our lives. We aren’t “just” a mother, “Just” a gamer or “just” a person with an invisible illness. Timey Lives is not just 1 thing nor is it just on one platform. Timey Lives is spread across all my social media! 
YouTube is now the home of:
 A Cover Song a Week 😊 Saturday

An interview show (MerMazing Chats) in which I interview inspiring people who have overcome (or are overcoming) their perceived limitations or conditions to continue to follow their dreams and/or Creators with a hidden musical history. We get together every other Thursday.
What’s in the Box? A show that centers around unboxing all sorts of things from clothing to makeup subscription services to shopping hauls to viewer mail to well anything in a box 😊 Saturday

Product Reviews will be found here :)  

Tutorials : Oftentimes, I have learned the hard way, so I love to make tutorials so that my viewers don't have to :) 

Twitch (Timey’s Game Room) is now the home of :
Timey Twitches & Sings -A karaoke like experience with a ton of audience interaction every Wednesday.
How Would You Answer the Universe?An Interactive Game Show in which the audience submits 20 Questions PG 13, Respectful & Fun Send them Here in advance in the hopes of not only “sponsoring” the stream but also having the chance to win a 1 of a Kind custom T-shirt created by Timey. We answer these questions together during the show in a high speed, hilarious way during which we usually learn at least one thing new about each other, sometimes more than we ever wanted to know! 😊

Timey Lives Website will be launching very soon & will be the home to :

Everything Timey Lives (A Social Media Hub) 
Straight Talk With Timey 😊 An interactive talk show that we will get “real” about a variety of subjects including fibromyalgia, breast cancer, life as a “spoonie”(someone with a chronic illness), relationships with a chronic illness, the list could go on forever but whatever the topic, we will be keeping it real. This is a unique show to Timey Lives as you will have to RSVP for it. Everywhere else I use humor to raise awareness & be an advocate, obviously here is different & I need to make sure that the distinction is known.

So there you have it, Timey Lives, in a nutshell, most weeks I’m available somewhere on social media 6 days a week. You can find my schedule & Itinerary here to follow along & make sure you don’t miss a thing!

With your exclusive Patreon Membership to Timey Lives you will have the opportunity to help shape the future of my channel by giving your input on some of the most important aspects
such as: 
  • Song Requests will be honored preferentially However: 
  • I do draw the line at rap & screamo (nobody wants to hear me do that ..Trust me)
  • Access to Patron only live streams
  • Preferential collaborations
  • Input on things like Merchandise -What YOU would like to see
  • Behind the scenes & Blooper Reels
  • An Expanded view of my world
  • Let's Not Forget that you will be able to proudly say that you are part of the Official MerMazing MerFolk community of Timey Lives
  • & Even more to come in both the near & distant future
Come join me!
Let's make the world a kinder, ,more caring & compassionate place one person at a time while I entertain you with music, comedy & acting!
If I can follow my dreams, Surely you can follow yours!
I have Faith in you!
Make it as MerMazing As you Are! 

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