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About TimmyCarbine


I'm TimmyCarbine and I live in Queensland, Australia (the land of shitty internet and Drop Bears). I am an aspiring Content Creator, known mostly for my ARK Let's plays, architecturally stunning base builds, and Tips and Tutorial videos. Recently I have found the same passion for Space Engineers and I will most likely find other games in the future that I want to create content for.

My ultimate goal is to be able to produce comically entertaining and helpful videos for my fans as a full time entity. It's something I am very passionate about doing and devote as much time as I can working towards realising this dream, and with your help it could be possible.

Funds that are donated by all you amazing people will go towards upgrading hardware and software, and generally paying my bills so I can keep a roof over my head.

Thank you

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The Ultimate Goal:
It is my aim to be a full-time Content Creator. I'm only guessing here but I think if we get to this stage in monthly pledges, I will most likely be earning enough money from YouTube and Patreon to be able to do this full-time... My dream ever since I started making videos.
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