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About Timothy Kurek

Do you ever go blank when trying to fill out an "About Me" section? I've written books, blogs, and articles in my career, but these micro-biographies are torturous sometimes. So I will begin by saying, welcome to my page! I'm thankful for your time. 

Writing non-fiction can be tedious, and consistently publishing, so as to make a living and stay relevant, is almost impossible when you only want to publish what you are passionate about. Adulting requires more than one book way back when, so like many other creative's  (we call ourselves part-time adults), I work a day job. I'm currently working on two very different books, but this time I wanted to change things up.  Instead of waiting till late 2018/ early 2019 to publish my next book, I've decided to create this page for anyone that a) wants to support the writing a young author, or b) is a fan of my already published writing, and wants to read the book chapter by chapter before its official release. This page is my new delivery system for book projects, and my hope is that it will become a much more intimate avenue for me to share my work, and connect with all of you. 

Why Patreon?

If I get one thousand/$1 Patrons, I'll have twenty more hours a week to write. I chose $1 because that amounts to $12 per year, and the price of my next book(s).

If you have an extra buck a month, you could change my life. Please consider becoming my patron, and I will do my best to encourage, entertain, and inspire.

Ubuntu- I am because you are.

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