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TurtleStitch is a graphical programming language which allows you to code patterns for embroidery machines. It is free and runs in the web browser, you can start right away. It's easy to use, so you don't need to have coded ever before to begin using it and creating beautiful and exciting patterns. If you have coding experience, you can dive deep into the capabilities of TurtleStitch.
You can share your embroidery code on TurtleStitch's online platform and also explore or build upon the code of others. Use a standard embroidery machine locally to embroider your favourite textiles. Now you can wear your code!
TurtleStitch is inspired by MIT Scratch, builds upon Berkeley Snap! and we collaborate closely with Beetleblocks.

We did the first steps in project development out of curiosity. Realising how many different possibilities emerged out of creating line-based embroidery designs, we simply couldn't stop exploring further. As we have been active in Software Design for children in earlier projects, we saw a big potential to engage boys and girls through a new approach to learn coding.
We decided to go for a block-based coding interface to open up the pattern design for beginners. Additionally, we developed a sharing platform for the embroideries, so that everybody can scroll through designs and learn from and build upon others code.
It is great to see that users from all over the world have started to use the tool and our userbase is continuously growing. Based on a lot of user feedback in workshops and online, we know where to improve the functionality and the learning potential of the tool.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 25 exclusive posts
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