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About Courtney Almen

Hey all, just your friendly office-worker-by-day, aspiring-comic-maker-by-night here. 

Tinder is a Generi-Fantasy buddy comic focusing on Tinder, daughter of an ex-adventurer-turned-professional-brewer. Tinder is, frankly, a giant stick in the mud, and her mother is sick to death of her daughter constantly organizing her business trips, chiding her for poor finance tracking, and otherwise sucking all the fun out of the business of being a brewer and semi-famous ex-adventurer. And so begins our story.

Patronage will get you access to all the behind-the-scenes sketches and expanded world info, plus I'll be making wallpapers and other fun graphics that you won't be able to get otherwise. I'll come up with cooler incentives as I get into the flow of things.
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I'll release some cute button and banner graphics.
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