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About Vixia

 About Me 
Hi everyone! My name is Krystina, aka Vixia! I am a gamer / cosplayer in Alberta, Canada and I started cosplaying in March of 2017. I am more of a gamer / streamer than I am a cosplayer so you can view my streams here! I am 21 years old and here to share what I love to do with you all!

 Why I Made Patreon 
I received a really warm response to the idea of opening up a Patreon because I constantly want to give back to you guys and do things for you to show my appreciation for your ongoing support. Unfortunately its financially difficult to do so, so opening up a Patreon allows you amazing people to help me give more to you! I would like to create tutorials that you guys always request in the form of photo sets or videos along with creating artwork and making /sending prints!

When you pledge to a creator here on Patreon you can either do monthly or by creation. I chose monthly pledges. Meaning at the start of every month, you will get charged the amount you chose to pledge and at the end of the month the physical rewards associated to your tier will be sent to you! Meanwhile during the month you will get access to all the other benefits! I hope eventually to create a wider variety of rewards available but for now we are starting out small!

  Thank You!!  
THANK YOU to everyone who supports my work, whether its through your kind comments or your pledges I love you all so much and am SO SO SO grateful for you guys. You guys make cosplaying, streaming and taking photos so enjoyable for me. I love your responses and reactions to what I make / do, and I am so excited to have you all along for this amazing journey with me!
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New Tier: "Art Commission" Will Launch!
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