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Hello and welcome to Tinkertubes Lab! My name is Kai a.k.a. Ysjoelfir and I will provide you with interesting videos about several topics I am interested in. This includes for example taking stuff to bits to take a look how things work, building stuff up, talking about electronics basics, throwing stuff around that annoys me and so on. If you are interested in topics like that please feel free to visit TTLab at any time you want!
Thank you for considering supporting me via patreon. Every single cent will help me keep on doing the stuff I do - making videos to share with you on youtube.

How does your money support me? 
Since I am studying full time right now with only a little teaching job I don't have that much money. In fact, what I have is mostly spent for my living, taxes and study fees. Every item I want to review, every project I would like to build, every little piece of tinkerwork is payed with money I actually don't really have, which results in having less money at other places. That is why every cent you are willing to spent is supporting me in tremendous amounts and I am very, very thankfull for everyone - regardless of the heigth of your pledge. Thank you for even considering supporting me!

How will I spend the money?
Since I don't think that it is your task to pay my bills, I will only spend the money I get to improve my videos (meaning upgrading my camera, lighting and so on) or get interesting new stuff to show to you, buying stuff for projects I would like to build and for upgrading my test equipment.

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I would like to improve the overall Image quality of my videos and lighting is essential for this. After reaching this I will have enough to buy a better lighting equipment.
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