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About R. Alex Inman at Inman Art Haus

Hello! My name is Rachel Inman. I am an artist, a writer, and just a generally creatively spirited person. I love what I do, and you all becoming patrons not only encourages me to keep creating, but gives me hope that one day I can turn my love into a full-time living.

I mostly work in sci-fi/fantasy themed art, but that doesn't stop me from branching out and creating whatever my weird brain inspires me to throw together.
So if you like what you see, go ahead and click a pledge to feed a starving artist today. Or if there's something you like that you don't see, pledge high enough and you can get your own custom creation [signed, printed and shipped to you!]. Pretty sweet deal right? 

Let's make something beautiful together

*HUGE P.S. --> I will draw fanart, but I won't sell it unless it is extremely altered (e.g. drawing your OC from a certain fandom universe). That's the only exception. It's as copyright thing. You all understand right? Awesome.

- Blessings

p.p.s: You can follow more of my art on Facebook @TinyArtist516, on deviantART @ Ashvaiti, and on FA @ SankofaStrikes

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When I reach 10 patrons of the MUSE tier or higher, patrons will get a chance to collaborate with me and create their own design to go into my Redbubble shop 
[at Redbubble.com/people/ashvaiti]

They will also receive a desk-sized [4x6] print of their design
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