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Greetings and Salutations! Here's a little background about me!
My name is Sam, also known as TinyMite, thank you for visiting my Patreon site.

I used to be in the military and I loved it for a while, but it wasn't my dream job so while I was still in I started streaming more on Twitch and posting videos on YouTube. Now that I'm out of the military, I work in a call center for SimpleBills and well... it's just a job to pay the bills. The thing I want to do as my dream job is playing and recording video games for the world to enjoy.

When I was younger I always just wanted to play video games and do nothing else all day, every day. I was always told that it would never work out or I need to lower my dreams but that's not me. I will not be told what I can and cannot accomplish in MY life. I have dealt with a lot of loss and it has made me realize that life is too damn short NOT to accomplish my dreams. So here I am reaching for my dream, confident that one day I will make it to where I wanna be in life.

Pledging & Patronage
If you are one of those extra generous people who wish to show support for the content I create, then you can do it here on Patreon. If you wish to pledge 1$ a month, then that is great! If you wish to pledge more, then that is amazing too. I appreciate it regardless of the amount. 

People who pledge more than 5$ a month will be able to join my Discord community with an increased chance of being able to join me in my streams and YouTube series.

Now it is important to mention that none of my videos or content is gated behind a paywall, and so it isn't necessary to pay for anything. Also, I want you to know that if you ever do become a patron, but later decide to stop, then no hard feelings. I fully understand, sometimes the budget is tight and in those situations, I would much rather prefer that you take care of your own needs rather than mine.
You becoming a Patreon, means you are an integral part of keeping it possible for me to keep doing this whole YouTube and Twitch thing. Your support means a lot to me and you have my sincere gratitude.
$0 of $25 per month
If I earn $50 I will have a giveaway on one of my live streams for 2 $25 gift cards to anywhere the winners want.
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