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About Tiny Siren Animation

Come on in, the water's fine!

Tiny Siren started as a group of college friends who came together to hang out and improve our skills as a team after graduating. We loved working with each other, and realized we wanted to produce more projects as a team. Together, we represent LGBT, people of color, first generation American, Islamic, and more backgrounds, and we want to bring more stories like ours to life through animation. We feel stories like ours should be celebrated, so after years of friendship we officially formed Tiny Siren Animation in Fall, 2016!

As a Patron of Tiny Siren Animation, your monthly contribution will go to paying our artists, marketing our upcoming projects, and distributing our finished short films. Our cartoons are designed to be family friendly, so you won’t just be helping us craft our art, but also entertain children and families around the world!

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