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Supporters Of The Video Game have decided to give extended donations in order to increase further development of this project. 

I appreciate your valued support and will provide a free copy as well as updates in content throughout the video game series. 

I will also include special gifts such as rare artwork, graphic novels, and unique collectibles.  

Thank You For Your Support.




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About Jacqui Goddess Productions


The dynamics of the mind, body, and soul enter into a path that manifests a crossroads into enlightenment and purpose.

Through the existence of balancing both light and dark, we can achieve a mastery over our destiny, and lives.

We specialize in unique Audio, Video & Publishing Productions.

JGP is currently producing a Dark Fantasy Podcast titled "Tales From A 7 City Empire" as well as several Animation and Manga Projects that are currently being developed. 
Visit here at www.talesfroma7cityempire.ml

Christ Light Studios is our recording and project creation location for all of our audio and video presentations. You can check out our productions by visiting www.christlightstudios.ml

also has a Merchandising Department that focuses on products associated with our various projects. Visit our Online Merchandising Mall at www.the33omm.tk. See what our merchandising department has on display.


(1) TALES FROM A 7 CITY EMPIRE PODCAST SERIES----This is our Family-Friendly Dark Fantasy Podcast. These stories are random tales of horror that are published on our YouTube Channel on a monthly schedule with one to three shows per month depending on our roster. This series is created by the artist known as Tiphareth-357. This YouTube Channel also contains special side stories that are associated with other developing storylines and ideas for future potential podcasts.

(2) TALES FROM A 7 CITY VIDEO GAME----We are in the process of developing a video game for the short story series and we are now seeking investors, collaborators, as well as potential interest for advertising and sponsorship.

(3) SHRINE OF PROTECTED LIGHT----Our primary social project is S.M.A.R.T.
Stress Management Aide Reduction Techniques.

For more information about our projects, presentations, and our S.M.A.R.T. Project please visit our website.

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Stress can be a strong psychological wall for those who are not able to handle the load. It is the dynamics of our response to stress that gives us the ability to recover quickly and adequately. Our philanthropic program of reducing stress among individuals is paramount.

We will be posting several videos on this topic, and how to manage it. We are currently working on a stress manual to assist in its reduction. Stress can become a serious medical and psychological problem for those who can't manage it. We are dedicated in helping you, and your family to control stress and its causes.

Join with The Shrine Of Protected Light in trying to reduce stress throughout the lives of others, as well as your own. Our current videos center on several aspects of stress management and uses music and images to help offset incorporated stress that has already been locked into your psyche.

Please Enjoy, Breath, & Relax. Thank you, & Have a good day

Jacqui Goddess Productions & The Shrine Of Protected Light. Get S.M.A.R.T.
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