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is creating Because of an illness keeping me from working and my dreams




Hey all I’m TC aka TwoShoes I’m 38 living in Central, FL. looking to do something different with my life and decided to buy a bus convert it to a mini home and sell my home that I have lived in for over 21 years... I want to see the country, meet and new friends around the country.. My job I found will allow me to travel around and see this great country that we’ve made it today.. So stay tuned into this page and soon my You Tube channel for updates and conversions... Peace and love..
1/13/18 I went to go look at a bus thinking I’ll never find the right one then there she was, waiting for me to step inside and fall in love..
1/14/18 I paid for her and got the title and keys..
4/1/18 After many Dr. visits and rushed to the hospital for a Pulmonary Embolism I was diagnosed with Lupus that has taken me out of work and fighting with major health issues that put a hold on my build.
7/2/18 Still in massive pain, I forced myself out of bed to try to complete the journey I started. I want to show, you have to fight for what you want in life Lupus or whatever you might have disabling you from your dream, you can fight through it.
I might have lost all my hair gained some weight and still have massive medical issues but I’m here doing what I can with very little income from help with family (with no help from the government)..
My progress is slow and I might not post videos everyday but I’m trying and doing my best.
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