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I do post speedpaints and such in my youtube account, however I may keep some special ones for my patreons!

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Welcome to my Lair

Hello there ! My name is Florence, yup just like that city in Italy. I'm an illustrator that aspires to be known through his art and creative works. I also write in my free time about that fandoms I am in, though I my schedule is very messy. 

I also make small animations in my spare time, consisting of personal animatics or simple animation memes. It does depend on whetherI am in the mood as they take a lot of time to make.

Despite not being a known or famed artist, I strive to create the most incredible stuff that I can with the tools that I have at my disposal. I'm not the type to use a lot of words as I like to keep it simple, so I hope that I may please everyone who wants content that are special to me.

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When I reach 10 patrons, I may setup an amino or discord for all of us to communicate.
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