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As a medically disqualified airline pilot, I found powered paragliding as a way to get back in the air without being able to obtain a medical certificate.  For the most part I learned to fly these contraptions on my own.  A far greater discussion than most training schools have time for, can be developed online with interactive content.  Flying is much more complex than just a trip around the proverbial patch.  My hope is that the real life situations I'll be bringing you in the future, advances your own flying beyond solo, to a solid intermediate skill level, better ADM and safer experiences.  Thanks for your support.  See you at the fly-ins!
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This project is not really about income, although 100% of all Paetreon reciepts will be used directly or indirectly for the creation of more PPG and PG content. Considering upon reaching 200 subscribers there will be a special gift given out to one randomly chosen name! (I need to check Patreon's TOS)
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