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About TokyoStreetView

About TokyoStreetView (TSV) - Japan the Beautiful?

TokyoStreetView (TSV) is an ambitious project which aims to create the first high quality (4K) video library of Japan featuring its many cultural and natural wonders!

What’s the Ultimate Goal of TokyoStreetView?

Our goal is to produce at least 1,000 videos of Japan with around 100 to 200 focussed solely on aspects of Japanese culture, such as art, cuisine, and martial arts. That does not mean that we will stop at 1,000 videos, but that number ensures that we have enough content available to legitimately describe this project as a video ‘library’ of Japan.

Why Does TokyoStreetView need Support?

Unlike many professionals that you may find on YouTube, we do not produce stock video footage of Japan for the purpose of selling it. Our first goal is to create videos for anyone that wants to experience Japan from afar.

Your support enables us to not only invest and upgrade our equipment, but also to cover basic costs for transportation and accommodation including hotels and food.

To give you a better idea of why we need funding, each video produced outside of Tokyo costs on average between 10,000 to 13,000* Yen or around $85 to $110 USD. (* This does not include the time spent editing / shooting each videos or the initial cost of our equipment)

With a list of more than 1,000 videos about Japan and its unique culture to film, your generosity and support is what this project needs to really achieve success.

Simply put, if we want to achieve our goal, and be able to shoot Japan from top to bottom, we estimate the total cost of this project of about 100,000 USD.

How does it work?

Patreon is very different from other crowdsourcing systems that you can find, and the idea here is for you to support us with whatever amount you feel comfortable with and divide this amount by the videos published per month.

Simply put, you could sponsor us for $100 USD in total and only support us with a small amount each month...say only $1 until your $100 runs out, or for as long as you want. You are in full control of how often you chose to support us and by how much. Note that you can also sponsor us as low as $1 USD by choosing the "No Rewards" option offered by Patreon. 

If you feel more generous and want to help us further, we are proposing different kinds of pledges each month to reward you with different kinds of advantages. We will also provide a list of goals that we will strive to achieve each month and details of what these goals will allow us to do.

Why don’t you rely on advertisements instead?

As of today we have no other options but to enable ads on our YouTube videos. But we do not like ads in general, and dislike the concept of pushing intrusive and non-related messages to our viewers.

As of now is ad free and we hope that thanks to your support we will soon be able to completely remove ads altogether from our YouTube channel and instead offer content that we have control over and that you want to see.

What do we get in return for supporting TokyoStreetView?

First and foremost you’ll get a big THANK YOU from us and from the rest of our viewers! TokyoStreetView will continue to thrive thanks to your contributions, regardless of how much you would like to support. But the bottom line here is simple : More and more videos of Japan and this for your pure enjoyment! 

Who is the team behind TokyoStreetView?

We are bunch of passionate people living in Japan and want to share our love of this country and its culture to the world, whilst at the same time creating a high-quality visual archive of this unique country for future generations. Some of us have worked as journalists covering different sectors (Hi-Tech, Automobile) for over a decade, others are engineers, software developers and brand specialists.

What’s behind the name:TokyoStreetView - Japan The Beautiful?

It all started several years ago as a photo blog named TokyoStreetView which was later used to upload videos about Tokyo. But since you cannot change your YouTube channel name, we kept TSV and added “Japan The Beautiful” with content available at both URLs: and It is possible however than in the future, and perhaps after reaching a critical mass, that we will officially use Japan The Beautiful as the definitive name.

How often do you publish videos?

We usually publish two videos per weeks, which is the best way for you to enjoy Japan in all its glory!

Is there anything else I should know about the team and TokyoStreetView?

Our motto is “share” and while making these videos available to all for free on YouTube, we are also working on screening these videos to members of the local community. For example we would love to visit hospitals and old people’s homes in Japan and play videos to them in an effort to bring a bit of “fraicheur” to their daily routine, helping them to travel virtually and dream of more adventures with us.

For the bottom of our heart we would like to thank you in advance for your generous support!
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