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Truth be told, anyone who wants to follow us on our quest is a dear member to us! However, you have decided to go the extra mile to help us expand and for that... I'm grateful. For around 6¢ a day, you are helping us to continue to release articles and videos to the world for free!

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To create wonderful articles, it requires capturing those special moments on our quests. It requires you to breath life into an image that revolves around something that is technically not living which is a pretty tall order! For around 16¢ a day

~You will receive a beautiful behind the scenes, full HD photo from every filming. The pictures selected will not be used in any of the articles written for Tokyo Tuner!  
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I'm far from an automotive enthusiast 'purist' and I don't know all the answers. I'm a guy who grew up loving cars and the car culture in Japan. This means I'm actually pretty friendly to talk about when it comes to cars (hopefully)! So, for about 33¢ a day

~You can join us for a Patron-only Google Hangout live stream where we will have an open discussion about car culture in Japan!
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Thank you for taking the time out to visit our Patreon Page! My name is Ron Celestine and I'm head of Tokyo Tuner, an online media website based out of Japan. The goal of Tokyo Tuner (東京チューナー) is to take everyone on a journey through Japan's car culture in the form of videos and articles. Currently, we are able to produce a video once a month or every other month. Japan car culture is considered mecca to an automotive enthusiast, and just like the rest of Japan, this culture is shrouded in mysteries. It was these mysteries that caused me to quit my job in the States, sell everything I owned, and come to Japan to try and discovery these mysteries while following my passion as an automotive journalist.

What makes us different from other media sites besides the fact we purely focus on Japan, is we don't want to focus only on the cars. I love cars myself but reading or watching a parts list is rather boring. What I'm more interested in, and probably thanks to my engineering background, is the why!  

I want to dive into the psychology behind why the owners did what they did. Why is the owner obsessed with lap times around Tsukuba? Why did you create a shop specializing in one off creations? Why did buy a Ferrari 348 and slam it to the ground to the point its can barely drive? It's these whys that help solve pieces of the mysteries!  

On the never ending quest to solve these mysteries, everything that Tokyo Tuner has done so far has been out of pocket. The biggest cost factor besides equipment are vehicle rentals, shinkansen fares (bullet trains), and the express tolls. Japan is much bigger than Tokyo and truth be told, a lot of these great events and owners live far outside Tokyo which requires us to spend a great deal of money to get there. For example - A round trip to Fuji Speedway for an event can cost us over 50 USD in just tolls!  We would love to be able to travel to all parts of Japan to meet with these owners but due to these expenses, our current reach is limited to how far we can travel. HOWEVER, with your wonderful contributions, we will be able to travel throughout Japan to meet with these owners, travel to events, and create content which helps us solve these hidden mysteries of Japan's car world!

For me, going out to these events, meeting the owners, and trying to solve the mystery is a life long quest. Since starting this adventure two years ago, I've received countless emails from people all over the world thanking me for creating Tokyo Tuner and providing original content. These emails constantly motivate me to push myself beyond whatever limits I thought I had, and to find ways on how I can keep expanding Tokyo Tuner by bring liked minded adventures in Japan on board the Tokyo Tuner team, and provide content to solve these mystery all while bring other people along for the ride.

I'm going to keep Tokyo Tuner free for the world and continue to write articles and create videos. This would mean still uploading articles to the website and releasing videos on YouTube. For Patrons however, I would give first access to the videos one week before the videos go live on YouTube along with other rewards! You will be directly involved with helping me expand Tokyo Tuner and help us to continue to bring amazing content from the land of the rising sun!

If you have read all the way to this point, thank you so much for taking the time to read about my passion. I hope you find all this rather interesting and will join me as I try to solve these hidden mysteries of Japan's car world. No matter what amount you can pledge, I'm sincerely grateful m(-_-)m. Even if you not in the situation to financially support Tokyo Tuner, that is perfectly fine! Other ways you can help us is by subscribing to the Youtube channel and telling us how we can improve, checking out our FacebookInstagram, and our website! Go ahead and tell other people about us and we will keep doing what we do best!

Welcome to the Tokyo Tuner family!
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The goal is to increase the amount of video content from 1 video every month or every other month to a consistent 2 videos a month!

The cost involved with renting equipment, that we don't currently own, Shinkansens (bullet trains), rental cars, paying for tolls..Basically traveling around outside of Tokyo is rather expensive. Since this is so expensive and everything has been coming out of my pocket, I have to set time aside to earn extra money to pay for these productions which means slower post processing time for the videos which translate to very limited video releases. With your help, I'll be able to focus more of my time to on processing the videos, and going out to more to increase the flow of content. Also, I could start looking into owning some of the equipment that we currently have to rent!
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